I think I spoke too soon.

Well, apparently nature heard me discussing how we have not gotten any snow because I woke up this morning to this:

While I genuinely enjoy snow, especially when I have the day off and no plans to move from my house, I wish I had more closely paid attention to the weather yesterday.  Had I done that, I would have gone to the grocery store last night to pick up the ingredients I needed for the dinner I had been planning to cook tonight.  I have a fresh pasta maker attachment for my kitchen aid that I have yet to use, and this month in Food Network magazine, there was a recipe for fresh ravioli! It seemed like destiny, hahaha. It look relatively simple too. Unfortunately, I did not have the ingredients for the filling, and learning from my lovely encounter with a guardrail earlier this winter, I was not attempting to drive even five minutes to the grocery store.

So, we were stuck with leftovers for dinner. I did however make a lovely breakfast/lunch (whatever you call food at 12 PM, ha) of oatmeal. Nom nom.

So, I basically sat around my house all day and was a big lump that took up space.  I rarely do this anymore, I feel like I’m always on the go between school, work, and sometimes having a social life.  While I thoroughly enjoy doing this, sitting around always leads me to thinking and contemplating things that I don’t want to be thinking about.

Have you ever felt like you don’t have closure with someone? I have been thinking a lot about that lately.  To say that my life over the past few months has drastically changed for the better would be an understatement. I have done a complete 180, but there are still things I feel so unsettled about.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to receive closure. With this realization, it also makes one finally come to terms with the fact that you need to completely close a chapter of your life and move far away from it.

I really think I need to do this.

I need to stop blaming myself for things or worrying about what might happen, and finally just make ME happy.

Anyway, after being bummed about not being able to make my ravioli, I decided to bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and my goodness, THEY ARE WONDERFUL. I added two teaspoons of cinnamon to the recipe, and it just made them even better if that is possible. Here is a picture:

Off to do a few things then time for bed. School in the morning, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Bonne nuit!


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