just one of those days.

So today, I have felt like utter and complete crap. Seriously, I just want to throw my body off a cliff. Gahh. Anyway, I made a fantastically yummy sandwich with some cantaloupe for lunch, and realized on my second to last bit of the sandwich, I forgot to take a picture. Ha ha ha.

School was lame and useless today. I have so much freaking work today and have no motivation to do any of it.

I cooked a super yummy dinner tonight.  I bought pesto, which I know is lame, but the basil I buy around here in the winter is just not good and Bertolli pesto that you get in the special cheese section in the grocery store is a really good substitute.  I made red peppers, peas, and broccoli:

Then I added whole wheat angel hair and the pesto. Here’s a picture of the after, because I forgot to take a one before we started eating.

It was super yum.  I really need to drag my butt to the gym, I think it will honestly make my body feel better.  I just have to find the energy to drive there.

Anyway, super short blog today, I just feel like crap.  Bonne Nuit!


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One Response to just one of those days.

  1. chelleryyy says:

    Your cooking intuition is something to be admired, dear. 🙂

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