blogging to make me feel better.

So, I haven’t blogged in a few days. I was really busy friday, and then I went to visit my friend Katelyn in NYC for two days and had so much fun.  Let me start off with Friday though. I promised a picture of my leftover pad thai from Blue Spice.  Although, now looking at the picture, it definitely doesn’t do the food justice at all, haha.

It was so good. I’m a weirdo and like to eat my leftover thai cold, so yum yum yum.  I don’t honestly remember what else I did on Friday, but I was ridiculously busy doing a whole bunch of nothing I think.  Ha ha ha.  Saturday morning, I left early for the city to go see my favorite girl who lives there, Katelyn!

We caught up with each other, and then went to the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and saw the Design USA exhibit. AWESOME! I highly recommend going to it if you’re in the city.  Not only was the exhibit awesome, but the museum itself is such a beautiful building.  The location is gorgeous too, it’s on 91st on the east side of the park, and I just love it because it’s peaceful up there.

For dinner, we went to one of my favorite places ever, Max Brenner, in Union Square. I got a greek salad for dinner (it is an awful awful picture, because the lighting was really dim, haha):It was very good though.  Normally, I’m really not a salad person for a nice dinner because I figure I should get something more special, but, the dessert is what Max Brenner is famous for, so I decided to go light for dinner.  For dessert, I got the tutti fruiti waffles, and OH MY GOD, so amazing.  Like a piece of heaven:

They’re homemade belgian waffles with fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. There was also some yummy crunchy granola thing on top too.  They give you the most amazing chocolate syrup to pour all over it and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, as well as chocolate wafer balls. Just thinking about it is making my mouth salivate again.

After, we went to Katelyn’s friends house warming party near Union Square.  The apartment was so pretty!  We were both dead when we got back to her dorm, so we went to sleep and today laid low.  We went to the diner by her dorm and got wonderful, yummy, inexpensive food.

Of course I had to go to Chelsea Market.  I bought my parents cupcakes from Eleni’s like I always do, and then we walked the rest of the market.  I could have totally gone crazy and luckily it was busy so I wasn’t tempted to buy food that I really didn’t need.  I love, love, love it there.

Visiting the city this weekend made me realize how much I really miss living there.  Hopefully I can go there after I graduate.   The more I think about it, the more I just want to be there to start a new life.

hahaha, here is also a picture of this random lego brick we found in the middle of a huge brick wall in front of a building:hehe.

Well, I’m kind of in a terrible mood tonight.  Some personal things I finally dealt with.  Anyway, school in the morning, bonne nuit mes amis!


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