warm weather, is it spring?

So, no blog pictures today. I was really lazy, and to be quite honest, there was nothing exciting to take pictures of.

To quote Office Space, I had a case of the Mondays.

Seriously, I detest Monday more than any other day of the week.  For some reason, I can NEVER get out of bed, and waking up sucks.  I really hate Mondays.  I’ve been feeling kind of crappy lately too, I don’t know what’s wrong, but its started to mess with my appetite.

On a positive note, I FINALLY HAVE DECLARED MY MAJOR AFTER SIX SEMESTERS, HAHAHA. Go me.  I’ve been heavily debating what to do, whether or not I should go into the public health program for undergrad, or do something else that will be a relevant major when applying to grad school for public health.  I I finally decided to declare human biology as my major.

It was kind of a hard decision, but ultimately, it is the decision that is going to allow me to finish my undergrad the quickest.  I would have probably had to wait until next spring if I wanted to declare a major in public health because of required classes I need to take before being admitted.  And I had tried to finish all of them this semester, but of course two of them were either full or not offered.

I feel so much better, and I’m really excited, because the classes I get to take the next two semesters look so interesting.

Other than that, my day was really boring.  My stomach has been off, like I said, so I just ate some oatmeal with bananas, a piece of toast, and cantaloupe for dinner.  Hopefully it won’t make me sick.

Alrighty, I’m off to do some school work and maybe watch a movie.  Hopefully I can drag my butt to the gym tonight.  It’s been a few days because of how crappy I’ve been feeling and being away this weekend.

Au revior mes copains!


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