snowy snowy snowy.

So I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I’ve really been feeling under the weather.  I haven’t taken any pictures lately, but I have a few from my attempts to make homemade raviolis.  They weren’t a complete fail, but definitely were more difficult to make than I anticipated. I’ll post the pictures later this week with the full story, haha.

I’ve been kind of just living on oatmeal and bland sandwiches because my stomach has been really off.  I’ve been having a few health problems that have been affecting my stomach, so I’m really not eating much.  Every time I eat, I feel sick or food just isn’t tasting good 😦

Despite this, I think I’m going to try to make steamed dumplings again tonight.  It will be some much needed relief after all the studying I have to do today, and they came out well last time.  They’re really easy to make too. Hopefully they won’t upset my stomach.

Alrighty, this is super short, but I will right a longer post hopefully tomorrow night 🙂


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One Response to snowy snowy snowy.

  1. finnomnomnom says:

    I enjoyed our ravioli experimentation, although I do agree, they were much more difficult to make then Food Network Magazine made them out to be. My favorite part was mixing up the dough (aka, watching the eggs gently roll onto the floor). Text me soon about Uncommon Grounds bagels!

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