lame-o blogger.

sorry all, I have been a lame-o blogger.  Life seems to take over, and I really haven’t had much interesting to say.  With the semester in full swing, I seem to not be able to cook as much which probably is why I have been so stressed and anxious lately.  I’m seriously anticipating my spring break which isn’t for another two weeks 😦

I’m also in slight denial that I will be a senior in college next year and must start thinking about the real world.  To be honest, I truly have no clue what I want to do after I finish undergraduate.  I know I need to go to grad school, isn’t that a given these days? But I really don’t know if I want to do that right after I finish my undergrad.  I’m thinking I need some real life experience that will also benefit me in some way for grad school.

Hmm, haven’t had many accomplishments this past month, that’s for sure.  School is really hard this semester.  My epidemiology class is much more difficult than I had anticipated it would be, and I really need to work hard to bring my grade up.  I had such a good semester in the fall, I don’t want my GPA to drop significantly 😦

I have kept my room neat and organized for a week, I must take a picture soon because that is a huge accomplishment, ha.

Alright, I finally have found my camera, so my goal this week is to be a better blogger.

Bonne soir mes amours!


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