beautiful day.

Today was a super long day, but despite this, it was absolutely beautiful here.  It was in the 60s, which is my favorite weather.  I don’t get sunburned! Ha ha.  Anyway, today was the start of my 8 week sprint course, so now my tuesdays are extra long.  I have class from 8:45 AM till 4:45 PM.  I have a two hour break during the day though, so I went home and ate some lunch because I hate spending money on food at school.  They really don’t have anything that I want usually and it’s expensive for something I have at home.  Today I ate this for lunch:

Homemade macaroni and cheese! Yum, yum, yum! It had gruyere and cheddar in it with some peas.  So good, it has to be one of my favorite foods, but I can’t eat it too much because its definitely not the healthiest thing in the world. But yum, its sooooo good. I also ate some fresh raspberries:

So, I went back to school, and it wasn’t as horrible as I thought.  But of course I had to stay later at school because I had the most useless meeting for the Human Biology department until 6:45 PM.  Blahh, really a waste of my time, but whatever, its over.

I’ve been going to the gym more frequently and I’m up to week three on my Couch to 5K workout.  I really feel good, I’ve never been able to run and this is giving me the confidence and the workout plan I need to run.  Today was my off running day though so I worked out on the elliptical and did some ab workout.

My goal is to hopefully be able to run in the Freihofer’s Run For Women (a 5K) in the beginning of June.

I also feel the need to show off how I have kept my room neat and clean the past two weeks:

You can see my precious kitty and my precious MacBook Pro 🙂

Recommendation for the day:

Strawberry Body Butter from the Body Shop.  It is my favorite scent in the world, and it makes your skin so smooth and soft.  The Body Shop is one of my absolute favorite stores.  I’m obsessed with everything from there.

Off I go, I have some work to do!

Bonne soir mes amis 🙂


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