I’m backkkk!

Hello, I’m sorry I’ve been the worst blogger in the world and have not written in over a month, but I’ve had a hectic few weeks.  I went on spring break to D.C. and then had a crappy few weeks, but this week, I finally just said to myself, “Emily, snap out of it!”  I was turning into the person I have worked so hard to get rid of from a year ago again, so I finally just pulled myself out of my funk and realized that I am a new person.

So, I’ve gotten back on track with my gym time and eating.  This week, I finally tried making oatmeal blueberry pancakes, because I’ve had the recipe for a long time and needed to try them! Oh nom nom nom, they were wonderful.  I also added a banana to them too.  Here is my one gigantic pancake cooking:

and after, here is my pancakes! They are a little misshapen, due to some flipping issues.  Ha ha 🙂

As much as I loveeeee maple syrup (and real maple syrup, not that sugary Aunt Jemima crap), I was just really in the mood for some powdered sugar. I went a little overboard as you can see.

So lately, I’ve been seriously debating becoming vegetarian.  I have been researching it for one of my classes, and the more I learn about it, the more I think it might be the right option for me.  To be honest, I really don’t eat a lot of meat except for chicken.  I don’t think I will be able to necessarily stop eating chicken completely right away, but I think it’s something I can eventually do.  I also think while I’m still living at home, it’s going to be hard.  My parents eat a lot of meat, and my dad thinks vegetarians are “all crazy and looney.” (as put by Jimmy, haha).

Well, I went to the Food Co-Op today, and decided to try some sort of meat substitution to see what it tastes like.  I went with the Quorn brand and bought this:

It was recommended to be by someone who is a vegetarian in my genetics discussion.  I read the back and saw you could microwave the nuggets or bake them.  Since the microwaving took a lot less time, I opted to do that.  I have no idea how I could have microwaved them wrong, but they came out hard as a rock.  I was slightly disappointed, but then decided to just throw them out, and try baking some nuggets instead.  That worked sooooo much better.  I used my toaster oven instead of the big oven, and it worked just fine for me.  I ate them with my huge lunch because I missed breakfast today (studying for a genetics test I had this morning) and I have to work, so I won’t eat until kind of late.  Here is my lunch:

So I ate some grapes, strawberries, Back to Nature macaroni and cheese with peas, and the Quorn chik’n nuggets.

The nuggets were so good! I was so surprised, they tasted exactly like a regular chicken nugget to me, I probably would have never known they were not chicken if you didn’t tell me.  I definitely will be trying more Quorn products in the future.

I love the Food Co-Op.  I seriously could have gone crazy, but only but the nuggets, some frozen peas, and some yummy looking ravioli.  I think I’m going to cook them for dinner.  They were filled with cheese, pine nuts, and basil.  I’m so excited.  I also treated myself to my favorite ice tea:

Hopefully I will update again by the end of the weekend.  Sorry I’ve been MIA but hopefully I’m back more consistently now that the semester is almost over!

Au Revior mes amies!!!


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