Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It’s been utterly yucky and gross here the past two days. This has caused me to feel sluggish and tired and completely unproductive.  Really not a good time of year to be unproductive, seeing as classes end on Tuesday.

Yesterday, I woke up really early, 6:15 AM to be exact.  All I knew was my stomach was GROWLING…  I was starving. I think it might be because I’ve been eating breakfast the past two months.  I find myself so much more hungry in the morning, but less likely to be starving throughout the day.  So, I had left over waffle batter and made this delectable concoction:

Waffle and Fruit

A whole wheat waffle with strawberries and powdered sugar, with a side of more strawberries, grapes, and a half of a banana.

It was completely satisfying, and to my pleasant surprise, I also found that they show re-runs of Boy Meets World (the best show ever… no matter how old I am) at 7AM. If that’s not a reason to get up early, then I don’t know what is!! Ha ha

I also bought a box of my favorite tea:

Tazo Passion tea, it’s so sweet and doesn’t need any honey. Love, love, love it.  It’s also amazing iced, but the cold weather has caused me to want some warm drinks lately.

I went to school and it wasn’t down pouring yet, but you could just feel it in the air.  I had my huge four and a half hour break in between classes, so I went home and decided to make a quick marinara sauce.  It’s Giada De Laurentis’ recipe… I love it because it’s so simple and only requires a few ingredients.  The base of carrots, celery, and onions, makes it so incredibly sweet and wonderful, you don’t even have to add any sugar.  I made some whole wheat pasta and decided to try these:

I was slightly wary of meatless meatballs. To cook them, I let them just simmer and warm up in the hot marinara sauce that I was making. Here was my lunch:

The sauce was yum, yum, yum! The meatballs… okay.  I love real meatballs, my dad makes the best, so these, honestly didn’t really do meatballs justice.  I’ll eat the rest of them, they weren’t bad or anything, they just weren’t as good as regular meatballs.  I’m thinking I might buy ground beef meat substitute and try to make my own from scratch.

This however, was to die for:

My vegan brownie from the bakery (sorry it’s slightly blurry).  Oh my goodness, I probably could have eaten like 20 of these, they’re so delicious. I cannot wait to go back to the bakery this weekend after I go to the farmer’s market and buy more goodies!

Anyway, nothing too exciting to report… oh, except, I finally got my new glasses! If I wasn’t gross and getting ready to go to the gym soon, I would post a picture, but I’ll do it when I look halfway decent, ha ha.

And just to make you smile, here is a picture of my precious baby girl sleeping:

Isn’t she the cutest? Ok, so my kitty, Rosie, is actually like my baby, because I’ve had her since 2nd grade (she’s going to be 14 this year!), but Sophie is a close second 🙂 I couldn’t resist this picture though, she’s soooooo cute.  Love her to death.

Ciao miei amori!


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