New Glasses, New Emily!

So last night after I went to the gym, I came home and decided to be completely unproductive.  This resulted in me reading these:

With the love of my life:

My Rosiebaby! I found some excellent recipes in the magazines that I think I need to try soon.  I also decided to go through my closet and found these fantastic shoes I forgot I owned:

Aghh, I love them.  I have recently begun to love shoes more, I used to always just be a clothes shopper, but I have realized how important accessories are as well.

Hello, my name is Emily, and I’m a shop-o-holic.  Which is why today after class I had to go pay that lovely thing called my JCrew bill.  Kids, credit cards are bad things. Never use them.

Anyway, I was super out of it today.  I finally finished up my waffle batter and made this yummy-ness once again:

I also went to the co-op today to buy a few things and bought this deliciousness:

Milk chocolate hazelnut bar… oh nom nom nom.  Soooo good.

I was so dead today, I came home and slept for two hours in between classes. Thank goodness my wonderful and lovely friend, Cassie, texted me when she did or I would have most definitely missed my class in the afternoon! As sad as I was to wake up from my nap, I couldn’t miss playing Name That Porno in class today, hahaha.  Sociology of Sexualities is a fantastic class and I highly recommend taking it if you can!

Oh, and as promised, here are some shots of the new glasses:

The beautiful case and box I got for them!

And some shots of moi (back to old school myspace camera shots, hahaha):

I’m really liking them! There not a severe change, but just enough for me 🙂

Alright my loves, I’m off to get ready and drag this bootay to the gym.  I will be staying away from the spinning bike today though because it made me sooooooo sore.



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