Celebrating the Mommas!

Today was Mother’s Day, and since I have the most fabulous mom in the whole entire world, it was a day to make mommy happy 🙂

I’m very poor right now, being a college student and having no savings, but one thing I can do is cook.  My mom is a good cook, she just hates cooking, and me cooking anything please her lots and lots.

We both slept very late, and so breakfast, actually was lunch. Ha ha.  I made some sandwiches with fruit:

Turkey sandwich, Cantalope, and Strawberries.

Tulip Fest was this weekend, but we weren’t sure if we were going to go or not because of the weather.  We decided we had to go, it’s been a tradition for us to go every mother’s day weekend since I was a baby.  Unfortunately, the weather really, really, really sucked. It was super cold and we really didn’t enjoy it too much…. we ended up only staying like a half n’ hour, and just went and got some coffee.

I promised my mom I would make dinner, and so I decided to make an oldie but a goodie, chicken parm.  You really can’t go wrong with it. I made my own “breadcrumbs” out of flour & spices.  I even fried the chicken, which I never do, because it was a special day.  Here is the chicken frying:

I forgot how yummy chicken is when you fry it.  Ha ha, I guess anything is really better fried.  We also shared a bottle of champagne together while I cooked:

Here was dinner:

We usually eat whole wheat pasta, but treated ourselves to some fresh pasta instead.  It was very yummy, but I tried not to stuff myself in anticipation of the dessert I made.

After my lovely friend Michelle introduced me to the most addicting site in the world, tastespotting, I found a billion recipes.  One stuck out though,  a chocolate hazelnut cake that was kind of messy looking, but sounded so so so fabulous.  Since that is one of my mom’s favorite combinations, obviously it was a perfect day to test it out.  Here is a picture of the cake before it came out of the oven:

The filling was a hazelnut mousse that came out sooooo good.

In the mousse was cream, kahlua, coffee, and nutella.  Oh yum yum yum, it was so light and fluffy.  The recipe for the mousse said you could just eat the with some chocolate hazelnut pirouette cookies on top.  I’m sure that would have been lovely too, but I didn’t go through all that work not to eat this:

The cake was AMAZINGGGG.  One of the best recipes I’ve had in a while, seriously, A++++++.

The cake was moist and chewy, and the combination of the chocolate cake and hazelnut mousse was fantastic.

Overall, it was a very wonderful mother’s day and I’m glad I got to celebrate the most amazing person in the world ❤



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