Shopping is a bad addiction.

Hello my friends, I think that my wifi is working for real now.  Ughh, sometimes I hate how dependent my life is on the interweb.  Anyway, this week is my mini summer vacation until my summer classes end in July, so yay? Not really, since I’m stuck working all week, have no money, and have been eating like it is my job.

I have been drinking lots of these:

Iced Coffee with skim milk and splenda.

This is my effort to try to not spend as much money on ridiculous things such as ice lattes.  Obviously, I have not been successful at not spending money, because I went and spent more money today at the outlets.

Oh no, my bank account sure does not like this.

I probably have enough clothes that I could not wash any of my clothes (except maybe underwear) for like a month or two, and not have to wear the same outfit twice… I think I have issues.

Anyway, I’ve been in a horrid mood this week with the anticipation of my Chem class starting on Monday.  This has caused me to bake lots:

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yeahhhh, I had to bring those babies to work so I didn’t eat 24 cookies by myself. They’re so so so so sooooooo good.

Momma and I did go out to Uncommon Grounds for dinner once in the past few days too:

Angel Falls Mist Iced Tea (My FAVORITE)

Plain bagel with lettuce and chicken salad

My mouth is drooling looking at that bagel.  I love bagels, especially from Uncommon Grounds, and they make like the absolute best chicken salad in the whole universe.  I could probably eat that sandwich every day of my life and die happy.  Ha ha.

Anyway, tomorrow is time to get things back under control because I now have not been to the gym in a week and a half and instead have been eating this out of the container:

Yeah, probably not my best idea.

Anyway, I think I need to go to bed because my lovely insomnia that has been in hiding for the past several months has reappeared.  I slept for four hours last night, and even though I’m so tired, I bet I will lay in bed and end up not going to sleep.

Ciao ❤


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