Relaxing makes me anxious, oxymoron?

I don’t know what to do with myself now that school is over. Maybe it’s good that classes start on Monday, because I literally feel lost without having to worry about schoolwork. For instance, it is making me anxious almost that I don’t have to think about doing work or the thought of work.

I’m so odd.

So, I slept super late today. It felt good.  I set my alarm for 10:30 though because I had to be to work at one. This in theory was a good idea, but I didn’t factor in the amount of time I linger in bed/take to get ready.  By the time I was primped and gorgeous (hahaha) for work, it was 12:15 and I had to leave in 15 minutes for work.

Usually, not a big deal when you have food in your house, but the food was lacking in the cabinets, fridge, freezer… everywhere.  We have neglected grocery shopping for awhile because of life obligations.  We did however have these scrumptious items in the cabinet:

I seriously feel horrible for anyone who is allergic to peanuts.  Peanut butter has become one of my absolute favorite foods.  Is it bad that I sit and just spoon it from the container?  Sometimes I want to have peanut butter fingers for an appetizer at my wedding one day.  (Friends anyone? hahaha, sorry if you don’t watch it)

Anyway, I managed to come up with this for lunch (breakfast? brunch?)… who knows what it was called:

Whole Wheat Bread with a 1/2 of banana & mix of the two peanut butters, more banana, and applesauce

Apparently, apple sauce was the only other thing I had in the kitchen besides a banana, slice of bread, and peanut butter. I was still kind of starving after that, so I also ate a handful of these:

Snyder Snap Pretzels

So I ran off to work like a good little employee.  I came home and was STARVING.  I literally ate the sandwich I ate for dinner in like 2.5 seconds.  I didn’t even have a chance to take a picture.  After, I didn’t know what to do with myself, so what is always the solution to that problem?

Baking of course!  I made this lovely cake:

So good, so easy to make.  The recipe is actually called Easy Chocolate Cake, I found it on TasteSpotting.  Of course, I accidently erased the link for the actual cake, but if you really want it, just let me know 🙂

So here I am listening to:

and reading:

I should go to bed soon, I have to be up early-ish for work. Just lovely, right?

Also, I apologize for the serious flash going on in my pictures.  I am the first to admit I am a HORRIBLE photographer, and also that I still don’t know how to turn the flash off on my camera after owning it for almost 5 years, haha.  I’ll figure it out one day… maybe.

Ciao ❤


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One Response to Relaxing makes me anxious, oxymoron?

  1. Hey! Where do you buy your Saratoga PB Co peanut butter? At a farmers’ market? Or at the co-op? I’m going to the Schenectady market this Sunday! You should come!!

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