Just want to feel life in my brain again.

Ugh, I hate being sick so much. Like more than anything.  It makes me tired and cranky, and I’m too busy to have time to be sick. FOR REALSSS.

Anyway, summertime should be about celebrating best friends 21st birthdays:

and drinking beers by the pool (or in this case wimpy & fruity Mike’s Hard Lemonades, haha)

But instead, it has been filled with me falling behind in Chemistry because I’m sick, and not being able to do a quarter of the things I had planned to do this week.  This was probably one of the busiest weeks I had in months, and of course, I had to be sick during it.  I even had to postpone my 2nd Chem test until Monday because I’ve been so sick.

I’m hoping I’m finally on the upswing towards being healthy though, today I didn’t cough or sneeze nearly half as much, which is a good sign.  I’m just constantly tired, and I really need to find the energy to study for my test.

I had to work today, after I called out on Thursday. I would have felt horrible if I called out again and I really was feeling better.  I made a power breakfast that I had hoped would give me some energy at work:

Chobani Honey Greek Yogurt

A piece of wheat toast with Saratoga PB & a banana; Yogurt with blueberries, oats, and a part of banana

I also decided I should make a lunch, because even though I had ate a huge breakfast and I was only working four hours, I had a feeling everything I did at work today was going to require twice as much energy.

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce and light mayo; fresh strawberries from the farm stand next to my house

And I definitely did need that power lunch today.

Everything today was annoying me ridiculously.  Just driving to work was making me want to pull me hair out… was it lets drive below the speed limit day or something? Seriously, WHY DO PEOPLE DRIVE 30MPH WHEN ITS 40 MPH? Also, READ YOUR COUPONS! It is not my fault that you don’t pay attention to them, and then you get mad that you’re not allowed to use them.  I don’t make the rules, so stop getting all pissy with me.

Okay, end rant. Hahaha.

I came home and was soooo tired.  Momma and Dad made a lovely dinner:

Fresh snow peas from our garden!!

Boneless chicken from our butcher with Newman’s Organic Asian Dressing as a marinade

I was so excited to see the peas ready! Growing your own food is so rewarding when you actually get to see the finished product and eat it. Unfortunately, being sick has made my tastebuds all off, so I really wasn’t able to enjoy them.

Momma and Dad also had these:

Sam Adam’s Summer Ale

I really don’t enjoy beer, but I smelled this one and it actually smelled pretty yummy and citrusy.  Had I not been sick, I probably would have tried one.  I’m not worried this is the last time they will be in my house, haha.

Anyway, I’m dead. I think I’m going to nap or even just go to sleep though it’s only 7PM.  I apologize for typos, bad grammar, etc. but I just don’t feel like editing this post today.

I leave you with a picture of my precious baby girl, Sophie!

Ciao ❤


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2 Responses to Just want to feel life in my brain again.

  1. chelleryyy says:

    Yay! Those pictures from dinner are cute!
    Feel better, love! We will bake as soon as you feel up to it! 🙂

  2. Sam Adams Summer Ale is awesome. So is the Coastal Wheat. Come over soon and you can try one!!

    Feel better soon! We need to stuff our faces with crepes!

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