Ahh, rain is so refreshing!

It has been dark, rainy and cold all day here… and I kind of love it.  As mentioned before, I really and truly detest heat, so after the disgusting almost 100-degree weather we were having about 2 weeks ago, this cold weather is a relief in my opinion.  I love being able to wear a big comfy sweatshirt and jeans, and curl up on my couch with a blanket.

I also like the cooler weather because cooking and baking are so much more enjoyable, because my home does not have central air conditioning.

The past few days have been chemistry induced comas.  I really just want it to be the middle of July, no one should ever have to endure this much chemistry in a short period of time.  Some of my snacks I bring for long days at school look like this when I stay on campus all day:

Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Granny Smith Apple, & Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

Today though, I was running late, so I rushed to school and didn’t have time to make a snack.  I had originally been planning to stay at school for the two hours during my break, but opted to go home for lunch after class, because I didn’t want an unhealthy meal on campus or to pay for lunch somewhere else.

I came home and made this:

Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat bread with light mayo and lettuce with a side of pineapple

It was nice and filling, and the pineapple was perfectly sweet.  I got all my stuff together and headed back to school.  Since I left earlier than I realized, I stopped at Starbucks and treated myself to a small cinnamon latte.  I forgot my camera, but it was yummy.  I always get the ‘skinny’ ones that use skim milk and sugar free syrup.  I never drink anything but skim milk (or soy milk) in my lattes or coffee.  I really hate whole milk, or anything above skim to be perfectly honest, because I grew up having skim milk in my house.   It makes me sick usually when I drink whole milk anyway.  I actually prefer soy lattes, but I was already paying $3.75 for the latte, and wasn’t about to add 50 cents more on top of tax for the soy milk.

Went to chem lab, it was blah.  Headed home and was starving! I made this little snack:

Carrots with a tablespoon of Ranch dressing to dip

I had bought this dressing to try for my veggies:

I really liked it! I don’t know why I ever thought I wouldn’t, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Newman’s Own product that I disliked.

I know, I know, full fat and creamy dressing? The truth is, I don’t actually use it on my salads, I only use it to dip veggies.  I always look at the serving size of dressings, and cut it in half, so honestly for a tablespoon, it was only 75 calories.  I know it’s fatty, but the truth is, it’s not going to kill you in moderation.  It tastes way better than a low fat ranch dressing that would be full of salt and sugar to make up for the lack of fat.  I’m really not a calorie counter, I used to be, but I’ve realized, in moderation, you can almost fit any sort of food in your diet.

I would go on a big rant, but I’ll save it for another post on another day.

After my snack, I got back to chem, and my tummy starting to rumble.  I was craving soup because of the weather and found a recipe on my computer for quick Chicken Noodle soup.  It actually came out pretty fantastic!:

Love egg noodles sooooo much.  Now, it wasn’t my mom’s chicken matzah ball soup (which is AMAZING), but it was pretty good for being ready with prep time and cooking time in about 40 minutes.  I also treated myself to a piece of this for dessert:

Alright my friends, I’m off to prep for my fantastic chem test that is tomorrow at 8:30AM. I know, be jealous, because it is obviously going to be super fun.

Ciao ❤


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