bad blogger.

Hi friends, I apologize for being a bad blogger, but life has gotten in the way.  This is going to be a super quick update! My summer class is a ton of work, and I’m always tired from it.  Only 4 and 1/2 more weeks till real freedom.  I guess my summer didn’t begin when the semester ended 😦

I have a test tomorrow, but I’m so over school work right this second. Instead, I’m going to share some goals with you that I really want to accomplish by next summer.  For me, I think the appropriate time to set goals is during the summer, because I’m hoping at this time next year, I will be graduated from undergrad.

1.  Take up yoga or pilates – this is one that I’ve really been wanting to do for awhile.  I would ideally like to take both, but I don’t know if I’m going to have time to do that in all honesty.  I am trying a body flow class with Becca on Monday at her gym, which is a combination of a yoga, tai chi, and pilates, so I’m pretty excited about that!

2. Read more books – I’ve already started to accomplish this goal.  I think I would be further along if I wasn’t taking my summer class, but I’m halfway through my first book this summer.  I think that’s pretty good since I only started it last week.  I’m currently reading Water for Elephants, which was recommended by fantastic friend Kelly!

3. Find an internship – I’m really behind with the whole internship/working in my field thing.  To be honest, I’ve been so focused on just graduating on time after all my college transferring and major switching, that I have not had time to think about a real internship.  I don’t care if it isn’t paid, because it most likely isn’t going to be, but I just really want to find one that makes me excited.  I want to feel excited at the prospected of having a job that I love some day.

4. Find a volunteering experience abroad – One of the major college experiences I unfortunately missed out on due to all my transferring as well was studying abroad.  I’ve been investigating some volunteering possibilities abroad for winter break, and while they’re expensive, I really want to possibly do one.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I don’t really want to set my goals to high or big.

And now I’ll leave you with this delicacy that I made:

Strawberry Cream Cake

Ciao ❤


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