heat, please go away forever.

Hi love bugs, it is currently thundering and lightening like crazy, and I am hoping that this means this nasty heat and humidity will FINALLY break.  I need it to so badly, I just detest this weather so much.  Give me cold and snow any day over this gross weather.

First, I need to rave about this awesome and fantastic sandwich I made on Friday:

I made a turkey sandwich with goat cheese, basil, a teaspoon of olive oil, and mesculin greens. Then I “grilled” it in the pan with non-stick cooking spray.  So amazing. I found the goat cheese in my fridge, I forgot I bought it.  I simply love goat cheese so much, it’s so tangy and yummy.  On another note, strawberries might quite possibly be the best food in the world.  I can eat a whole container by myself in one sitting.

Today was rather uneventful and boring.  I woke up early, because I had to work at 10AM.  For some odd reason, I got there fifteen minutes early, so I ate my Chobani Strawberry Yogurt that I brought for my snack because I forgot to eat breakfast (forgot my camera, but you’ve seen it a million times).  I treated myself to an ice coffee from Starbucks during my break which was yummy! I got it with soy milk (as I usually do) and added a sugar-free vanilla flavor shot.  I highly recommend this for iced coffee if you want it sweetened a little bit 🙂

I hadn’t really eaten a meal by the time I got home at 2:30, so I was starving.  I made this yummy salad:

Mixed greens with strawberries, cucumbers, feta cheese and a tablespoon of light raspberry vinaigrette

It tasted wonderful, and was much needed.  I was so hungry, and it was nice and hearty. Besides goat cheese, I also love feta cheese (ok, lets be honest, I pretty much love all cheese).  I know some people think feta is to strong, but sometimes I cut pieces of it and just eat it by itself, haha.

After lunch, momma and I went to the grocery store, because we were in need of some fruits and veggies desperately, as well as pretty much everything else in our kitchen.  When we got home, I cooked dinner.  I had been craving burgers:

We bought 93% ground beef, because I only like the lean kind, and I mixed it with fresh rosemary, fresh chives, pepper, and garlic from our garden.  We sautéed red onion with a little olive oil and pepper, and then I topped it with mesculin greens and ketchup (of course!).

We also cooked fresh corn on the cob from the farm stand that is in my town and made salad:

Overall, lovely and filling meal. And, overall, a pretty boring day.

Tomorrow is operation clean my room.  I will go into further detail tomorrow.

I’m off to watch an old SNL episode I missed with Joseph Gordon Levitt (who I’m in love with) and probably go to sleep at some point.  Good night ❤


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