The Story of a Girl with a Procrastination Issue.

The past three weeks have been really difficult for me to focus in school.

Ever since I came to my epiphany about my life, focusing on classes that I hate and struggle in has been even harder than usual.  I feel like I have had test after test, paper after paper, and in all honesty, just do not care.  I’m trying, I’ve always been a good student, but it’s very frustrating when I don’t understand my classes and hate them.

So, instead I bake things like this on Halloween:

I lay around at night and stare at power points that I have to read twenty times because they make me so bored and I don’t comprehend them the first nineteen times.  I stare at my planner and realize that I have things do, but the motivation never comes to do them until the last minute.

And this week, I’m just reminding myself that I only have 26 academic days (including finals!) left this semester… that’s less than a month.  Let me just say that 5:30PM on December 14th cannot come soon enough.

So, Monday night I decided to bake.  It was late, and I realized that I finally had bananas to make Alicia’s banana bread that she had bid on for Rebecca’s bake sale.  So I put together everything, and it looked wonderful.  I think it’s came out okay… I hope she liked it!

But, by the time I put it in the oven, it was only 8:45PM and I still was bored and didn’t want to look at anything that had to do with biology, so I decided to make some pumpkin cinnamon chocolate chip bar things.  It ones one of the hundreds of recipes I found on as usual, with a few Emily modifications.

Mmm, they are super yummy!

So all in all, I’m procrastinating once again.  After this week, I don’t have much due/to study for until finals which is good.  It’s been a pretty crappy four weeks of constant tests/quizzes/papers every single week.

Where do you find motivation when you have none?


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2 Responses to The Story of a Girl with a Procrastination Issue.

  1. Love it! Baking is one of my favorite procrastination ideas too. The things you made look really yummy. I would love to make more cakes, but then my husband and I would have to eat them all!

  2. That cakes look amazing. Bake me some! hehe just kidding! Love it.

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