It Smells Like Fresh Bread

I have special needs animals.

Case and point #1: Sophie.

Yeah, she was laying like that for a good ten minutes, and then snorting and rolling all around.  Perhaps she is protesting the fact that we haven’t put her dog bed back together yet.  Sophie constantly needs attention and feels the need to beg whenever I’m baking or cooking.

“But I’m so cute Emily!”

Gah, I love her so.  And she kept me company today as prepared an Italian feast for dinner.  I first made homemade foccacia bread.  I used Tyler Florence’s Foccacia Bread Recipe from, and I defintely thought it was easy and great! I adjusted the toppings though because the ones on the recipe didn’t pair well with my dinner.

I started by combining all the ingredients in my kitchen aid with the dough hook attachment:

After about 7 to 10 minutes, it should turn into this and should almost be elastic-y (ha, I know it’s not a word, but it works):

After, let it rise in a well oiled bowl for about 45 minutes to an hour.  I let mine rise for an hour because I thought I had a bread fail and it didn’t rise, but don’t be fooled! It just doesn’t rise as much as other breads I’ve made:

Next, roll it out to fit on a baking sheet and cover with saran wrap (or in my case, glade press n’ seal because I had no saran wrap left):

Next I prepared my toppings for it.  I used olive oil, freshly grated parmesan cheese, fresh rosemary, garlic, and pepper.  You could pretty much put anything you want on it though! I was thinking some fresh oven roasted tomatoes and mozzarella would probably be super yummy:

The recipe said to let it bake for 15 to 20 minutes, but I actually let mine cook probably closer to 25 minutes because it didn’t look done at 20 minutes.  I would just adjust the baking time depending on your oven and how the bread is looking:

Oh it was so yummy!

I also made penne alla vodka… I started to show the step by step process, but my camera batteries died in the middle, so here’s the final product:

Double yum! It was a great dinner 🙂

Of course, no night is complete without some baking:

Peanut Butter Cup and M&M cookies 😀

You know you want to be friends.

Anyway, in other news, as of last Saturday, I decided to take a break from facebook and twitter.  I think I just need a week or two away from it, because sometimes it’s ridiculous how much time I spend on those two sites.  I know, some of you are probably thinking, “But I clicked the link to your post from facebook!”  I just posted it quickly and literally logged off, mostly because that’s how all my friends who read my blog know I have updated.  So it doesn’t really count 😉

Alrighty, I hope everyone has a lovely night!

Do you ever feel like you need a break from facebook, twitter, the internet, technology in general?


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5 Responses to It Smells Like Fresh Bread

  1. Mary says:

    Well first off, I invented the facebook break, so I feel ya on the need to get away from technology sometimes. As someone who is currently ignoring a project due tomorrow in order to read your blog, perhaps I should try this.

    Secondly, omg that food all looks so good. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in like, two weeks, so tonight for dinner I had saltine crackers. I wish I was joking.
    Please send me a package of cookies right, now.

  2. allison says:

    i want cookies

  3. Alicia says:

    EMILY! This looks FANTASTIC. Like – all of my favorite things combined into one meal. We need to just make a bunch of food and eat it. Deal? And the Facebook break is okay.. I can still text you 😉


  4. OK- so Alicia and I need to come over for dinner one night. Please.

    Also, I love your dog, and I took a twitter break last week, too.

  5. Katie H. says:

    Sophie is too stinkin cute. Love her! I love penne alla vodka too- delicious!

    I def need/take technology breaks. It is essential sometimes!

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