How To Keep Motivated

My whole life I’ve struggled with my weight, its been a constant up and down since I can remember.  I have lost a significant amount of weight before in high school, but I also have put on a significant amount of weight since then.

My biggest issue? Staying motivated.

I’ve learned over the past two months that the only way that I’m going to keep the weight off for good this time is to lose it slowly and in a healthy way.  No starving myself, no crazy diets… just portion control and eating more of the right whole foods.  While I haven’t put any time periods on how quickly my weight needs to come off, I’ve decided in the past two weeks, I really need something a little bit more to motivate me.  While I’m a very educated individual about weight loss, there is always going to be that tiny voice in the back of my head asking myself why I’m not losing 5 pounds a week.  So, I’ve decided to reward myself every time I hit a certain pound goal… and not with food.

I’m hoping this will give me a way to keep some of my frivolous spending under control, and really working for something I want.

Goal #1 –> 19 Pounds = iPod Shuffle


I know this sounds like a completely random weight loss number, but I can assure you that it is not.  My last post I asked you guys about iPods and whether or not you thought it was worth it to invest in an iPod shuffle.  In general, I received a pretty positive response that the size of the shuffle really made it a great MP3 player for working out.  At $49, I find it to be not a completely ridiculous purchase, but enough that I’ll feel like I’ve achieved something. So, this is my first goal weight loss and my first reward I’ll treat myself to 🙂

When you struggle with a goal, do you need to find inspiration for something or someone to motivate you? What do you reward yourself with that isn’t food?


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5 Responses to How To Keep Motivated

  1. Good luck! You will have that ipod in no time 🙂 I didn’t realize they were so cheap- maybe I should get one!

    I was just thinking about non-food goals today, and I decided that my next big reward will be a haircut. It’s been over six months and the mane is looking shaggy, so I think that’s a good reward. Now I just need to find something to reward myself for! Haha

  2. Ohhh I like this idea! I think it’s really smart of you to come up with rewards that aren’t food-related!

    When I hit certain goals I like to reward myself with some pampering. I’m trying to stop biting my nails so when I go a few weeks without picking at them I get to treat myself to a manicure 🙂 Almost there…

  3. Jen says:

    Good luck Emily!!! You’re going to do it!

    I reward myself with expensive running clothes. hahaha.

  4. so i was going to get an ipod shuffle too— motivation for running 🙂 i actually got to target and bought one ( $49) … I realized in the parking lot it was only 1 Gb and it had no screen… but same as you, loved the size of it. Problem? 1 Gb equates to about an 1hr of music and I needed to run a marathon for 4 hrs with it.

    So in comes boyfriend who suggested I look at the “Sandisc” mp3 player over at Best Buy- they price match and bestbuy online had it for $38.

    I went over to best buy (in store it was $48) but mentioned the online- they matched it so I bought it – The Sandisc is 4 Gb – lasts even longer than 4 hr ( holds enough songs to last )

    ALSO- it has a screen, menu, playlists, AND radio, channels, podcast sections too. It is way better and just as small.

    The negative- The software downloads only to non-mac/apple computers ( as of now- they actually are working on getting it to work universally) so if you want to update your playlists, rearrange music- you have to hook up to a non-mac as of now, though thats supposed to change in the near future! I can still hook it up to my work laptop (a mac book) and you can sign in online, you can still buy music for it on an apple, charge it, etc. but the cool thing is its “rhapsody” so you can add albums of artists for free for 30 days- then just plug in and it will renew it.

    sorry for the lengthy comment but I thought you might like to check it out because I think you get wayy more for less $ . oh and if you already have itunes songs/library- transferring between itunes is possible too- just a matter of dragging/copying.

    • Emily says:

      thanks for the great tip! I’m still a little bit away from my goal, but I will definitely have to check it out. The non-apple software might be a little bit of a problem though 😦

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