the week in review and some fashion friday.

I cannot believe that it is already Friday and even more, that it is already May 20th!  Its been a bit of an up and down week for me emotionally, where I had a little bit of a gain on the scale, but I had some other non-scale victories that I really need to remind myself are important too.  This was espcially important to do last night when I was in a bad mood and ready to spend a completely unnecessary $500 which I do not have on, haha.

Earilier in the week, I dragged my butt to the gym despite it being completely rainy and dreary outside and having no motivation:

I also recreated one of my favorite sandwiches from a local restaurant:

Chicken salad made with light mayo in a wrap with dried cranberries, mesculin greens, and grapes.  So incredibly yummy with a side of fresh strawberries!

I didn’t do anything particularly exciting other than work and see a few of my friends who have arrived home from school! I can’t believe its been four years since we graduated high school and undergraduate is over for most of them… its so weird. However, I am happy to see their beautiful faces 🙂

This week, fashion friday consists of celebrating some old outfits that were not fitting and now do again! I took the plunge and after much uncertainty, decided it was time to get rid of a bunch of clothes that were too big. My mom and I both sold them back to the used clothing store, The Clothes Mentor and we made about $70 together.  I don’t think that is too bad!

Here are a couple of outfits that I wore which I was excited to fit in once again:

Wednesday (for work)

White Eyelet Dress — Banana Republic
Purple Earrings — Banana Republic
Silver Flats — Fossil
Purple Stone Headband (kind of hard to see) — JCrew

Black Criss-Cross Shirt — Banana Republic
Green Cargo Capris — GAP
Shimmer Silver Necklace — Banana Republic
Black Gladiator Sandals — Macy’s (I think the brand is Dolce Vita)

and for this rainy muggy day today, I wore:

 White & Blue Striped Shirt — Banana Republic
White Tank — Old Navy
Matchstick Jeans — JCrew
Diamond Earrings — 21st Birthday gift
Silver Necklace — Banana Republic
White Headband — JCrew

I had the day off from work, so I took a ride up to Saratoga to spend the afternoon with one of my favorite bloggers! Post to come tomorrow with more details 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weather if its nice where you live


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2 Responses to the week in review and some fashion friday.

  1. Alicia says:

    Emily! You look awesome!! I love these outfits! It was so great to see you today, I can’t wait for Wednesdayy 🙂

  2. Katie H says:

    Selling old clothes is a great idea! I need to get on that. I love all of the outfits- I espesh love how much BR is represented 🙂

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