Saratoga Afternoons

Yesterday, I met up with one of my favorite bloggers who has become one of my really good friends, Alicia. We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks because we were both extremely busy with school, Alicia goes to UAlbany as well and just finished her first semester of graduate school!

I suggested we meet up in Saratoga closer to where Alicia lives because I never go up there and Saratoga has so many great restaurants to pick from.  She suggested that we go to The Bread Basket Bakery.  I had heard of it before but had never been so I was really excited to eat lunch there.  It was so adorable.

Alicia and I opted to eat lunch outside on their patio area, because despite the overcast weather, the temperature was pretty nice and it was on a quiet street.

I ordered the chicken panini which had roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, and garlic mayo on homemade garlic bread. It was so yummy and huge!

Despite the gigantic sandwiches we both ordered, we managed to scarf them down no problem.  This is one of the many reasons I love going out to eat with Alicia, she has no problem eating just as much food as I do 🙂

They had some amazing looking desserts, but we both opted to hold off because we had our heart set on froyo. However, I would go back The Bread Basket in a heartbeat because it was delicious, reasonably priced, and not ridiculously busy for lunchtime.  The people who worked there were really pleasant too.

After lunch, we decided to wonder around Broadway, which is the main street.  Alicia wanted to show me this awesome store that had just opened in the last few months:

You read that right, an entire store dedicated to olive oil! Saratoga Olive Oil Company is really a food lover’s dream 🙂

We walked in and were immediately greeted by a gentleman who was so nice.  The best part about the store is you can sample everything before you buy it!  They not only have olive oils, but also different balsamic vinegars, salts, and a few other odds and ends.

I could not get over the flavors they had for the different olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  They also put out suggestions for combinations of different flavors like the chocolate balsamic vinegar and the chipotle olive oil for a sort of Mexican hot chocolate combination.  My favorite vinegar was probably the strawberry balsamic vinegar, it was so good. Alicia and I both mentioned we could actually envision using it on pancakes!

Overall, the store is great and the people who run it are so nice.  The guy who was working told us to try as much as we wanted and was completely willing to answer any questions.  The other great thing about the store is the prices of everything, I thought they were really inexpensive considering that a decent balsamic vinegar at a typical grocery store probably costs about $8. The prices of most of the vinegars and olive oils for a decent size bottle was only about $12 and they tasted so much better! I’m completely broke this week, but next time I’m there, I will definitely be going back to buy some 🙂

We wandered around a little bit more and eventually ended up at the destination I had been waiting for all day:

Plum Dandy!

I’m not ashamed to say I have definitely driven the 40 minutes to Saratoga by myself to get some froyo because there aren’t any froyo places in Albany.  Alicia and I were both so excited.

I got the cake batter flavor and the gharadelli chocolate flavor which both tasted amazing as usual.  I put some fresh strawberries on top with snow caps and cookie dough pieces.  We both sat and ate it in bliss.  It was a perfect way to end the afternoon!

I had a wonderful time, and its so nice to have new restaurants to explore not that far away from me.  Saratoga is a great place to walk around, but it can get a bit touristy during the summer, especially once the horse racing season starts.  You can expect some more blog posts on my excursions to Saratoga in the coming weeks because Alicia and I already have another date planned to visit the Saratoga Farmer’s Market and cook 🙂  Thanks for meeting me Alicia!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Do you have any places by you that you can go to that are a nice little day trip?


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4 Responses to Saratoga Afternoons

  1. Looks like a GREAT afternoon! All your food looks awesome…and I’m sure Plum Dandy was pretty killerrrrrr. Now I want to go! 🙂

  2. Katie H says:

    Glad that you had fun- it looks like a nice afternoon! I didn’t know that olive oil store existed but it looks awesomeee. Also, FYI- there is a fantastic new froyo place in Clifton Park called 16 handles- it’s a chain I think and it’s really good! 16 diff flavors of froyo plus toppings galore 😀

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