life lately (in bullets)

  1. I have watched an entire season of Friends in 2 days
  2. I organized my entire bookshelf and cleaned it. I realized I owned a lot of gross old make-up, an inordinate amount of headbands & hair accessories, and lots of Food Network magazines.
  3. I haven’t baked in almost a month. It makes me sad, but yet I can’t bring myself to bake in this heat.
  4. Weight loss doesn’t solve all of your problems.
  5. Reaching a plateau in weight loss is really frustrating… especially when you know a lot of it is because you are not eating the right things and not exercising.
  6. Your mother cutting up your credit cards is a big wake up call that you need to get your life under control.
  7. It’s okay if you’re not strong every day because that doesn’t make you any weaker.
  8. This is all really cliche and stupid, but I honestly don’t care.
  9. Sometimes I wonder if I should even blog anymore.
  10. I have nothing to worry about now that my classes are over and my credit cards are gone, but somehow that makes me more anxious.
  11. At the end of the day, I’m only twenty-one years old and I have an entire life ahead of me.  I need to learn that I am an adult, but I’m also a kid who is going to make stupid mistakes.
  12. I believe that I am meant to do something with my life even if I don’t know what that is yet.


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musings of a twenty-something.
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4 Responses to life lately (in bullets)

  1. Please don’t stop blogging! I love all of your posts 🙂

    Honestly I always forget that you are 21. When I look at myself as a 21 year old versus myself today (turning 29 next month, holy!) I’ve matured and learned so much. With that being said, I feel like we get along so easily and I relate to you now more than I would have as a 21 year old (if that makes sense). You are wise beyond your years! And I officially feel old 😀

  2. You better not stop blogging! We would all miss you too much!! I always watch crazy amounts of TV or movies when I’m stressed out and don’t want to think about life. It will get better ❤

  3. Don’t stop blogging! I’m sorry things are tough for you right now, but you’re right- you’re only 21 and we’re allowed to make mistakes at this age 🙂 I hope things get better soon!

  4. Heather says:

    i am v. late to the party, but i just want to say i am a fan of this post.
    and a huge fan of you.
    and dont worry (especially as you may be over the anxiousness already) we all go through these seasons.

    come over and play some time, okay?

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