August Goals

It’s August already folks, which means that autumn is approaching soon! I’m sure some of you will want to punch me for mentioning that summer is halfway over, but I’m really excited for the fall because its my favorite season 🙂  Apple picking, pumpkin spiced flavored things, and cool, crisp beautiful weather with leaves changing color is my idea of paradise.

As August approached last weekend, I realized that I had really lost focus of myself since June.  Between summer classes and limited time to do anything fun, I had not let myself relax and was stress eating a lot.  I’ve been maintaining my current weight with about a 4 pound flex range which I guess is good, but I’m ready to lose that final thirty to forty pounds, so I’ve decided to regain my focus.  Setting some August goals I believe might help me to do this, so I’ve broken it down into three categories: Fitness, Food, and Life.

Fitness Goals

  • Workout four days a week
  • Do one workout a week outside
  • Try a yoga class

Food Goals

  • Try a recipe out of a cookbook once a week.
  • Limit eating out to only twice a week
  • Try to go to a farmer’s market twice this month

Life Goals

  • Do not spend more than $100 on shopping this month
  • Get back on the weight loss bandwagon — try to lose about four pounds by Sept. 1st
  • Read a book for enjoyment


I have definitely recommitted myself to working on all of the goals I set at the beginning of the year, and despite a few obstacles this summer, I truly believe that I can end 2011 on a positive note!

Do you have any goals for August or the rest of the year?

*I finally added a recipes page to my blog! If you have any trouble with a link, please let me know so that I can fix it 🙂


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3 Responses to August Goals

  1. I love your goals! Checking out a yoga class will be so beneficial and reading is always awesome, of course. I know you can get back on the weight loss bandwagon!

    I am quite excited for fall too. Not for the winter that follows though!

  2. Alicia says:

    Love these goals lady!! I have a lot of the same ones! 🙂

  3. Great goals! I feel like it’s really easy to lose sight of goals and focusing on yourself, so that’s why I make monthly goals too 🙂 I have been spending SO MUCH MONEY on clothes lately! I need to rein it in a bit…

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