buffalo chicken garbage bread

My morning consisted of dancing in my kitchen to Rihanna and Beyonce while making buffalo chicken garbage bread.

What did you do today?

I also cleaned out the sink in an effort to remain in good daughter graces.  My birthday is coming up next week and we all know that I’m wishing and hoping for the typical 22-year-old gifts.

Dutch ovens, silplat mats, and of course anything from the Martha Stewart cooking line at Macy’s.

I’m special.

Anyway, lets be frank (no pun intended, I’m so clever, haha), buffalo chicken is one of the top three reasons I could never be vegetarian.  Clearly bacon takes the number one spot, but buffalo chicken is a close second.

I have been thinking about this combination for a few weeks.  Perhaps I should explain garbage bread? I didn’t realize everyone didn’t know what garbage bread is, maybe its just an upstate NY thing.  Its basically a calzone except you wrap the pizza dough so its in layers.

Needless to say, this was quite delicious.  Not necessarily ass friendly, but I’ll totally take the buffalo chicken any day over the gym 😉

Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread


2 boneless chicken breasts
1 tsp. olive oil
1 pizza dough (I used store bought and let it sit out for about 20 minutes)
8 oz. of shredded mozzarella cheese (I used part skim)
3 oz. of shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup of Franks Wing Sauce
1/3 cup of ranch or blue cheese dressing


Cut chicken into cubes.  Season with salt and pepper.  Heat teaspoon of olive oil in skillet and add chicken when hot.  Cook chicken completely and then add 1/4 cup of wing sauce.  Stir to coat chicken and let simmer for a minute or two.  Take chicken off heat and let cool.

Pre-heat oven to 425°F.**

On a well floured surface, spread pizza dough into a long rectangle shape.

Add ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing (depending on your preference!) and remaining 1/4 cup of wing sauce.  Spread across the dough.  Add chicken and then top with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  You can also add a bit more of the wing sauce on top of the cheese if you want it to be a little bit spicier.

Roll the dough like a pinwheel until you reach the end.  Make sure to tuck the ends of the dough in so the middle doesn’t ‘ooze’ out when baking.

Spray baking sheet with light coat of non-stick cooking spray.  Place garbage bread on the pan and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Let sit for five minutes and cut into and enjoy!

**Some people have commented that they found this cooked too quickly and the inside is raw. All ovens vary and cook differently.  I would highly recommend that the rack you use is in the middle of the oven as opposed to the bottom rack or really high up in the oven where it will brown more quickly.  You could also lower the temperature to 400 degrees, but it may take a little longer to cook!

I’m so thankful tomorrow is Thursday and the end of my school week.  Although I’m working all weekend, I only have two days of class next week.

It’s officially only 31 days until I’m done with school forever and I could not be more excited! I know I have to start real life I guess, but that can’t be worse than working AND being in school.

Hope you all have a great week ❤

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300 Responses to buffalo chicken garbage bread

  1. How did you get your pizza crust to look so smooth and beautiful before you put the toppings on?! My pizza crust always turns out all misshapen and weird looking, haha 🙂

    • Emily says:

      I flour the surface I use really well and I let the pizza dough warm up for at least twenty to thirty minutes! I’ve found that if I try to roll out the pizza dough cold it gets all bumpy lol

    • gail daker says:

      I use pilsbury french loaf…you can unroll it stuff it and roll it back up..I also make pepproni and sliced mozzerlla can annd pizza sauce..another good one is han and cheese

  2. Bookmarking this for sure! My husband and I love buffalo chicken dishes…especially on Friday nights with a movie…we are seriously exciting people 🙂 I’ve never heard of a garbage bread before, but I love it!

    • Karen Laliberte says:

      I make this bread with sliced hot & sweet sausages, onions, peppers and mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.Saute veggies, let cool then layer ingredients, roll and cook the same way.

  3. Camille Holland Tipps says:

    I’ve never thought of using a pizza dough! Great idea. We do this with hot sausage and it’s great as well.

  4. Jessica Oliver says:

    Do you think this is the sort of thing you could prep and then freeze before baking? My bf loves buffalo chicken but I’m not such a fan and I’m constantly looking for things he could stick in the oven when I am out of town…

    • Emily says:

      I’ve never tried to freeze it, but I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t work! The only thing I would be cautious of is the amount of dressing that you use because the dough could get kind of ‘soggy.’ Let me know if you try it and it works out 🙂

    • Joy says:

      I make various forms of stromboli, never heard the term “garbage bread”, but they do freeze well. Just make sure to flour the aluminum foil or spray it with cooking spray so the dough won’t stick when you wrap it up. 🙂 I just posted a recipe for a ham & cheese version on my FB page….Fearless Freezer Cooking.

      • Jill says:

        When you freeze the stromboli do you cook it and then freeze it or put it together and freeze it?

        Thank you!

  5. craig says:

    “Not necessarily ass friendly” haha. I love it!

  6. Heather says:

    This looks so amazing ! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  7. Wonderful….can’t wait to make it for my husband…and me but of course! Thank you so very much for sharing.

  8. Dawn R Randolph says:

    I made this tonight and it is fantastic! When I saw it on Pinterest I thought…why not? It looks pretty direct for a non-cook like myself. It turned out great! I’ll be making this again and again.

    Thank you for the recipe!

  9. Amy says:

    You have inspired me. Thank you! 🙂

  10. Judi says:

    Okay so mine is in the oven right now!! Smells delicious! I added some celery and garlic to the sauteed chicken. Thanks for a great recipe!

  11. Jennifer Baker ( MOTHER OF TWO TEENAGE BOYS!!) says:

    Made this for a group of teenagers and they just loved it. Going to try a cheese steak kinda thing next time. Love your blogs!!! Keep up the good work.

    • That sounds amazing with steak, especially if you had left over steak from the night before, super easy, throw in some sliced pepper and it could be a philly cheese steak kinda thing, you have just inspired me, thanks!

  12. Jess says:

    This looks absolutely delicious! I am totally making this! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  13. This has become one of my hubbys weekly requests! Well done 🙂

  14. Jen says:

    We had this for dinner tonight – really tasty but there was some raw dough in the center. Didn’t want to cook it longer since the outside was done perfectly. Lower temp for a little longer next time!

    • Karissa says:

      I just cut into mine and had the same problem. It tastes amazing, but the raw dough has got to go 🙂

      • Missy says:

        I noticed from the pics Emily was rolling up the dough from the short side, in my family we always roll up from the long side. You still end up with yummy rolled layers, but no raw dough as it’s a little thinner. Also we always make this with halved pepperoni and tiny cubes of velveeta- I know people swear they don’t like velveeta but it’s awesome as a whole package… Serve with a bowl of chili and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven! Can’t wait to try this version!

    • Emily says:

      I’m sorry guys, I didn’t have any issues, but I definitely would suggesting adjusting the oven temperature to something lower. Also, cutting back on the dressing a bit might help this as well. I wish I could help more, but please let me know if you have better luck next time!

    • Jen says:

      I had the same problem. 😦

      • Kim Hayes says:

        Would it help, to at the half-way point on the cooking to wrap it with aluminum Aluminum foil to prevent it from browning too fast & allows the ‘insides’ to cook more thoroughly. If you want, when it’s got 10 minutes cooking time left, you can remove the foil so that the outer layer can brown. Whenever I’ve loaded up my calzone & Stromboli with ingredients, once the full baking time is over I’ll remove the foil & then I reduce the temperature just a bit & let it cook another 5 or 10 minutes. Just watch it closely, otherwise you’ll have the opposite happen, lol!!

  15. jazzgrl032 says:

    Love the vegetarian comment, and I concur…bacon would keep me from being a veg too! This looks amazing. Unfortunately, in the middle of Virginia the only premade pizza dough comes from a pop-open can with a chunky doughboy on the front.

    • kholbee says:

      Look in the deli section of your local walmart… that’s where I find mine. It’s normally around .88

    • Amy says:

      If you have any pizza chains they will sell you a ball of their fresh dough for really cheap. I have grabbed a ball from Dominoes or Hungry Howies as I pass on my way home. They just want to know what size. I think they charged $2.50 for a large. Not in a pretty bag but wrapped up with lots of plastic wrap. Perfect for immediate use, no waiting.

      • Anna says:

        Pizza hut won’t sell dough.

      • M says:

        publix sells dough in plastic bag (chilled) by the bakery

      • Jessica says:

        This reply is actually for Anna, but there’s no reply link under her post. Pizza hut won’t sell you dough because they don’t make it in house anymore. It comes in frozen in disks by the case. It’s put, still frozen, in pans and allowed to thaw before being used to make pizzas. To sell you dough, they’d have to give you a frozen disk of dough (which I really don’t see them doing). Most small mom-and-pop pizza places make their dough in house and would be happy to sell you a ball.

    • Cassondra says:

      Or ask at the pizza parlor in town, they will usually sell you fresh dough 🙂

    • Karen Leoni says:

      Rhodes bread dough in the freezer section works awesome too! Most stores should sell this. Give it a try! Just defrost, let it rise, roll it out and add your toppings. Very good!

  16. ShanCann says:

    We make garbage bread and freeze it ALL the time . . . with infinite combinations of fillings. I’ve never tried buffalo chicken though, so this is exciting! If you freeze for consumption later, be sure to thaw completely (covered!) before you bake it. Easy and great for kids as a “learn to cook” dish!

  17. Molly says:

    Down south we call this Stromboli. Whatever u call it…this looks AMAZING!! thanks (:

  18. Kimberlee says:

    This is in my oven baking as I type this…..my twins boys, my husband and myself LOVE buffalo anything!!! My other three kids are not so fond, so my daughter asked me to make a pizza version…which I did…..Oh the endless possibilities with this recipe…..Thanks for sharing!!!

  19. Kelly says:

    This looks great, how many servings does the recipe make?

    • Emily says:

      It really depends, I would say it would comfortably feed about four or five people. I usually serve it to three people and have about a 1/4 leftover.

  20. Toni says:

    Where would I find pre-made pizza dough at the grocery store? I have seen the dough in the “dough boy tube” but not in a bag… I live south of Houston, Texas? Any idea? Anyone???

    • Emily says:

      I live in upstate NY and all of our local grocery stores have pre-made pizza dough to buy at the deli counter or bakery! Someone said they used Pillsbury Crusty Bread Loaves and it worked well, so maybe if your local grocery stores carry that you could try those. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could make the pizza dough from a recipe online. Good luck, sorry I wasn’t more help 😦

      • Cassondra says:

        They usually have some frozen in the freezer section, just have to thaw it out

      • rhonda says:

        Pillsbury also has great pizza crust in the fridge section at your local store. I have a fabulous pizza crust recipe W/NO SALT which my GF makes & it works best!
        My buff chicken roll is in the oven now!! I cant wait to sink into it! 🙂

      • Jen says:

        Wegmans pizza dough is the BEST! I have this in the oven as we speak… in 15 minutes I will be diving in! Thanks!

    • Meagan says:

      I live in Key West, FL and we just go right to the pizza places and they are always willing to sell it! Probably not the big chains but the Mom and Pop’s.

      • Mandee says:

        I use to live near Key West and never thought to even go ask pizza places around there

    • Megan says:

      If you have a Sam’s near you, they sell a large box of frozen pizza dough balls (I think there are 22 ish in the box) for something like $16 dollars, it’s a steal, lasts forever in your deep freeze and SO easy!

  21. Tracie Garvin says:

    I can’t wait to make this! My husband will love it! Good for race days!!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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  23. kristin says:

    do you think you can use like Pillsbury cresent rolls and just make it into a square instead of pizza bread?

    • Emily says:

      I have never tried to use the Pillsbury crescent rolls for this, but the only thing you would have to be careful with this recipe is that the dough doesn’t tear on the “seams” because the filling will definitely ooze out! Let me know if you try it with these and how it turns out 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      I have used cresent rolls before, I put taco meat in the middle with cheese then overlap the ends to seal it. Then you can serve with all the condiments, if you desire. I bake mine at 350 till the cresent rolls are nice and brown on the top!

    • Teresa says:

      I have used cresent rolls for this before. I do this with sausage eggs and cheese for breakfast then we put country gravy on top. You can buy a single sheet of cresent dough. It is had to find but I get it at Krogers

    • I would suggest that you mix all the ingrediants togther and then spoon a small amount into the center of the cresent and then fold the ends togther into the center and pinch to seal and they should be good cause you would have mini bites and would be able to make up some sauce to dip them in 🙂

  24. Joel Henard says:

    Made this tonight for my wife and I.. It was fantastic.

    PS… We found the frozen pizza dough at Walmart, worked perfect.


  25. Heather Danis says:

    I am so making this ass unfriendly recipe. You had me hooked at buffalo chicken. Unfortunately, I live in a house with people who doesn’t know what real good food tastes like… Just means more for me.. I’ll be adding some sliced celery in mine because you just can’t have wings without celery. I think it’s illegal in certain states. They can fend for their own food that night.

  26. will be trying this! I may get the “envelope” pizza crust mix at Wal-Mart… is super cheap and all you add is water (for those who can’t find pre-made) this is waaaaay easier than ‘from scratch’. Thanks! Re-pinning!!!

  27. Karen m says:

    Is there a reason not to use the pizza dough in a tube? Guess I should have asked before I put it in the oven huh?

  28. kate says:

    oh crap. This looks as good if not better then buffalo chicken dip…which I already have an addiction too…pretty sure I am just going to make that then spread it on the dough and bake.

  29. Dana says:

    Hahaha! You are one funny girl! Oh….and your recipe sounds amazing! Thanks 🙂

  30. Andrea says:

    Real Buffalonian’s use blue cheese! And if you can find Rootie’s brand, all the better. Yum! This looks delicious.

  31. Love the recipe and can’t wait to try it….but honestly…your comments had me laughing out loud girl! Haha. I love the candid humor….coming back to visit ya!

  32. Sherri says:

    So IDK if this will help with people asking where to find the pre-made pizza dough, but I know where I’m at some pizza places will sell you their dough thats already made, so I would just take my chances and call around if you cannot find the pizza dough you want in the store.

  33. Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing! Made this for my family and everyone loved it! A new family favorite!!:)

  34. debbie says:

    this sounds yummy. i think i’ll try it for supper next week. thanks

  35. brooke says:

    Awesome!!!!! Made it.today and it was a hit. Even grandma liked it!!! 🙂 thanks for the great recipe

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  37. Jamie says:

    Delicious! I used buffalo chicken tenders cut up to save time & only had Italian shredded cheese but it was delicious! Kids even wanted seconds!!!

  38. Joan Hajek says:

    Found you through Pinterest…this looks yummy! And I read that you like the Silpat….but Martha Stewart doesn’t make it. It is really made by Demarle at Home. I am a rep for them and if you are a cook you would love the product! Don’t want to put the info on here as it isn’t appropriate, but if you are interested let me know. You can order online with me! (Or others can shop for presents!)

  39. Rachel says:

    Made this tonight but made a few changes. Accidently picked up Frank’s hot sauce, not Buffalo. I did the dough from Pillsburry. Boiled some chicken and shredded it. Sauteed some mushrooms and then added the chicken and sauteed about another 10 minutes. Laid out the dough while chicken was boiling. Layered ranch dressing, chicken/mushroom mix, mozarella and cheddar cheese and rolled it up. Baked for 20 minutes. It was amazing and my 6 year old asked for seconds. Next time I will add bacon!

    • Stevie says:

      Franks Hot Sauce IS Buffalo sauce. If you want to get picky about it, add some melted butter – it sticks to the chicken better if you are making wings.

      • Cayte says:

        Franks now makes a “buffalo wing sauce” as well as their “hot sauce”. It saves having to add the butter and takes some of the bite out it, so it’s not quite so hot! Both are DELICIOUS!!

      • Katie says:

        Actually Steve, she was correct in stating that Franks makes a buffalo wing sauce. Different flavor from the Franks hot sauce.

      • Geoff says:

        Frank’s Buffalo Sauce does not taste like authentic buffalo sauce is the point stevie is trying to make. To make a more authentic tasting sauce, cut regular franks with melted butter. The more butter you use, the less heat you get. That’s a closer-to-real tasting buffalo sauce than Franks brand.

  40. Linda says:

    Do this all the time…amazing what you can use in these…never heard it called garbage bread! i like that…and definitly not ‘ass friendly’, hahahaha love that too!

  41. Susan C says:

    Sounds good!

  42. Karen says:

    Oh my goodness. This was amazing. I used 2 tubes of refrigerated pizza dough and doubled up in the middle. Piled more chicken and cheese there and it held up better. I sauteed onions with the chicken, and used 8 oz. mozzarella and 8 oz. cheddar. I also cooked for 30 minutes at 400 degrees to avoid raw dough in the middle.

  43. gabriella says:

    It shocks me as well when people don’t know what garbage bread is!! You must be right, only in upstate NY, haha. I am making this tonight. Cannot wait.

  44. looks great can’t wait to try this

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  46. Pamela says:

    That looks like a stromboli lol.

  47. Liz says:

    I just made this for dinner. It was delicious!

  48. Jessica says:

    This is a wicked cool site. I will definitely be bookmarking. I actually saw your page about the pizza on a friends link and got wicked excited to read it haha. Had to get the boyfriend over to read it as well. Definitely will be coming back to read more blogs :). Keep em’ comin

  49. Seth says:

    Thanks for the post. I do have a question though – if by chance you have leftovers, or want to bake it for dinner and take for lunch the next day, how well does it keep and if so, are there any suggestions on how to heating it back up?

  50. JL says:

    Looks AMAZING. being scottish had never heard of it before!!! Will deffo have to try!!

  51. Jo Zanoni says:

    Saw pic on Pintrest and had to give it a go. Super easy and tasty too! Even got the nod of approval from hubs so I’ll be sure to make it again. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  52. Brandi says:

    I made it for dinner tonight! It was SOOOOO good!

  53. My Mom and I discovered a recipie for Frank’s Red Hot buffalo chicken dip, and this sounds almost the same, except instead of baking it into a dish, you bake it into a crust.

    When I return to America, I’m SO trying this!!

  54. jalyn says:

    Saw this on pinterest and loved it, its easy! and great! next time i will try it with ground beef and pasta sauce instead of chicken and wing sauce. Thanks for a great recipe!

  55. Denise says:

    We have pizza Fridays at my house looking for new things to make. I will have to give this a try.
    Thanks for the idea.

  56. Lisa says:

    We will be trying this for sure. I make something we call a “sandwich roll”…it uses the crusty french bread (in a tube). I them layer salami, ham, turkey, crumbled bacon, green onions and cheese. Then rool it up and bake. We always dunk in Marzettis honey mustard. We LOVE anything buffalo chicken so this looks like a done deal. Thanks 🙂

  57. Chelsea Smith says:

    My hubby and I loved it!!! I even made a mini one for my 15 month old without the Frank’s so it wouldn’t be to spicy and he loved it too.

    • Becca says:

      Chelsea.. did you substitute anything in for the franks when you made it for your 15 month old? I want to make this but I’m afraid it will be too hot for my 4 year old. Anyone have ideas as to what I can substitute the franks for? Thanks 🙂

      • Kara says:

        I made one with BBQ sauce, a little softened cream cheese and added red onions and tomato. My toddler boys really liked it.

      • Jessica says:

        I use the Franks wing sauce in mine and my 3-year-old gobbles it up. I always serve the dressing on the side instead of mixing it with the sauce and putting it in the bread. I think serving it that way cuts the heat more.

  58. Kaylyn says:

    Add Bacon and have a chicken bacon ranch type thing but spicy 🙂 sounds anazing

  59. Shirley says:

    Since my husband won’t eat chicken what other meat would be good in this wrap

  60. Ashley Veltri says:

    I’m from Upstate NY, too and am knowledgable of Garbage Bread but I’ve never made it, only indulged in it! I’ve never tried Buffalo Chicken Garbage bread though, which is RIGHT up my alley. I just love Buffalo chicken anything! I cannot wait to try this recipe, I’m drooling at the sight!

  61. Michele says:

    I make a sweet version of this with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and bananas or apples whichever I have on hand. I’ve even made it with sugar and cinnamon dusted apples or pears. A favorite “surprise” dessert on a cold yucky night that doesn’t take any time at all to put together.

  62. Melissa says:

    I am going to make this for my daughter’s communion this weekend. Do you think I can prepare it the night before and pop it in the oven when we get back from church?

    • Emily says:

      I don’t think that you should have an issue. I’ve made it ahead of time before with a different filling and it came out fine… I would suggest letting it sit out for about 10 or 15 minutes though before you stick it in the oven!

  63. Diana says:

    I made this tonight and it was soooooo good. I used the Pillsbury pizza crust, opened it and let it set for at least 30 min. I didn’t measure the ranch or the buffalo sauce, just poured what I thought was good, we like it hot. I also opened up 2 cans of chicken breast, ended up using about 1 1/2 of the 2 cans. I also baked mine for 20 min, until it was golden brown. It was soooo good and not doughy at all. OH, I also sprayed it with butter and sprinkled on garlic salt and this dried garlic stuff. This will be something I will make again for sure!!!!!!

  64. Franks = best freaking hot sauce EVAAAAAA! I actually make an awesome dip with darn near the same recipe, sans cheese and dough. I’m most certainly trying this. Plus, it seems fairly cheap, and would CERTAINLY leave leftovers for someone who cooks for themselves, such as me 🙂 thanks for the great idea!

  65. Tanya says:

    Excellent idea! thank you:)

  66. Jen says:

    I tried this with changes I thought I would share because I love how it turned out. Instead of dressing I used four wedges of Laughing Cow Light Bleu Cheese that I softened in the microwave and some ranch seasoning. I also used ground chicken because I hate cutting raw chicken into pieces. Thanks for the great recipe!

  67. Knizek says:

    Can’t wait to try this. I see your supplies come from Hannaford and Mastrionni Bros? Are you from the Albany area?

  68. I want to try this! I have never heard of Garbage Bread, either, but I have family from Kingston and in Rochester, so they probably have. By the way, pizza dough is super easy to make–you could probably have it ready shortly after the chicken was cooked. My mom’s recipe is 1 cup hot water (105-115 deg) in a bowl. Add 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 tablespoon yeast, stir a bit and then let “grow” until foamy, about 5 minutes. Then add 2 tablespoons oil, 2 teaspoons salt, and 2 1/2 to 3 cups flour, and stir together. Let the dough rest for 5-10 minutes (good time to cook your chicken!) and then proceed as usual with your garbage bread or pizza!

  69. clara lyons says:

    Wow, this was amazing!! Thank you so kuch for sharing….my family loved it!!

  70. Kylee McMullen says:

    How many does this usually feed?

  71. Sillydiane says:

    Mine’s in the oven…..I’m really excited about this one 🙂 Thanks!

  72. jodi says:

    Try it with buffalo chicken sausage!!! Its so good!!!

  73. Karen says:

    I make stromboli all the time and cook it at 375F degrees ~ maybe this helps people who are dealing with raw middle. I’m making this recipe tonight! Yay! The kids can’t wait 🙂

  74. JustineG says:

    Yum, can’t wait to try this!! Thanks for such a great and easy recipe.
    For anyone looking for dough, Trader Joe’s has pre-made pizza dough in the fridge section. It’s not as fresh as made-from-scratch but it’s definitely fresher, tastier, & less oily than the Pillsbury in a tube.

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  76. Launa Haywood says:

    !!WoW!! Im making that for Dinner tonight.. THANKS SOO MUCH!!!

  77. Donna says:

    i love it how can i get just the recipe without all the other pages new at this

  78. Lydia says:

    Making this tonight! Thanks for the recipe (found you on Pinterest!).

  79. Hannah says:

    I’m just turning 23 and my birthday list looks pretty similar. Baking girls need to stick together! I also can’t wait to try this bread!!

  80. bekki says:

    just saw this on pinterest… looks delicious! wonder if i can turn it into individual servings? suggestions?

  81. Milli says:

    Looks awesome! Thanks!

  82. andrea says:

    Wish I read the comments before making this. It’s in the oven now and one side of it exploded in the last couple minutes of baking and out oozed all the raw dough from the middle. I now have it covered with aluminum foil and lowered the temp trying to get the middle cooked while not overcooking the outside. Grr.

  83. The Big Wiggs says:

    Looks delish!! We can’t wait to try it–thx for sharing! 🙂

  84. Michelle says:

    I am having a graduation party for my son and his friends Friday night. This sounds right up their alley on food. Thanks for the recipe

  85. Lynnette says:

    I have this in the oven right now. A few variations..no ranch (we can dip in that right?), regular Frank’s RedHot, and I added sliced green olives. I rolled it length wise so hoping to not have any raw dough…Have it in at 375°, thinking 30 minutes…set timer for 20 just in case. Hope it is yummy =)

  86. Lynnette says:

    Oh! Also using chipotle chicken that I cooked yesterday in crockpot. First night we usually eat it as burrito’s and then next night use on pizza with Frank’s as sauce….If you haven’t made chipotle chicken before you def need to!!

  87. Bkassnel says:

    Ive made this and it is delicious!! I also take egg whites and lightly brush the surface then sprinkle a little coarse salt (and italian seasoning for color) so its not to bready.

  88. Kara says:

    Awesome recipe! Thx! Found you on Pinterest. I revised it slightly, because I thought it might be too hot for our toddlers. Made it BBQ chx instead – bbq sauce and about 3 oz. softened cream cheese spread on dough, shredded chx (baked prior), plum tomatoes and red onions (sauteed). Used a little less cheese than you called for, since I had added the cream cheese. It was amazing! Can’t wait to try the buffalo one, too!

  89. Jodi says:

    So…it was too heavy to roll 😦 I don’t know what I did wrong, but the dough was just not strong enough. It is in the oven pizza style…hope it turns out ok!!!

  90. Made this evening my daughters Birthday Dinner, enjoyed while setting around the fire. I used loaves of frozen dough found usually with the frozen rolls at Kroger, and Wal-Mart. Made one with bacon added, and one with bacon and broccoli added. Baked on 400 for 30 min. also rolled length wise and used egg whites. WONDERFULLY Perfect!!! Big hit with my daughter. Thanks

  91. Diane says:

    I used the pizza dough from the Publix bakery and couldn’t find my rolling pin so used a soda bottle to roll it out. It was pretty lopsided, but turned out fantastic!!! I probably added more cheese than it called for (since we LOVE cheese), but would not change anything about it. Great recipe and now I know what garbage bread is since my friend from Rochester NY talks about it now and then,

  92. Michelle says:

    This looks amazing!! Did you come up with the recipe or did you find it somewhere and just put on your website? If you made this you are really good!!!!!!

    • Emily says:

      I wrote out the recipe and had never seen this combination before. I always had garbage bread with either vegetables and cheese or pepperoni and cheese, so I thought one night that it would be great with buffalo chicken! I basically just threw all of the ingredients together and it came out yummy 🙂

  93. Pingback: Learning to Cook…o.O « Bon Bons & Martinis: The Diary of a Housegirlfriend

  94. Diane says:

    I have never heard or had garbage bread before & now I am looking forward to trying it, I love to try something new . Thank-You for sharing it.

  95. Oh Emily…this looks delicious and going to make if for my guests tonight. Great job.

  96. Jo says:

    What temp do you set oven to bake?

  97. Jill Jones says:

    Just try making smaller ones, so the dough isnt raw in the center. cut the pizza dough into smaller pieces and wrap up indiviual top with a little sourcream. Serve to the family with a side of spanish rice, yummy!:)

  98. Amanda says:

    I cannot wait to try this. I’ll probably do a BBQ chicken version for me. Oh my stars, does it make my mouth water to think of it. 🙂 Much thanks!

  99. Jess says:

    Just tried this today and it was a success, I used the pre-packed dough mix, you just add water, and it worked just as well! Delicious!

  100. Becky says:

    how many calories do you think this contains????

    • Emily says:

      honestly, I’m not sure. It really varies depending on whether or not you are using full fat cheese and dressing, and how much olive oil you use when cooking the chicken. It can definitely be a bit lighter if you use part skim or low fat cheese, as well as low fat dressing. Its a heavier meal, so I usually plan to eat salad or something lighter for lunch if I’m making this for dinner.

  101. velociraptor says:

    Made this last weekend, the boys rly liked it 🙂 thanks for recipe! I followed recipe exactly except I added more cheese. Dough stretched pretty thin as I rolled it up, (it was a beast of a roll) but I sealed up the edges best as I could and it baked up just fine 😀
    photo here: http://assets6.pinimg.com/upload/70650287874895161_maL3x28R_c.jpg

  102. Brooke says:

    I want to make this soon!! But what should I make with it? I was thinking cheese sticks or cheese balls, but what else? Is that enough? I am only cooking for myself and my husband, but we both eat a lot, how many do these things usually feed?

    • Emily says:

      I would say you will probably get two meals out of it for two if you’re eating a lot, maybe a little bit of leftovers? I usually get two meals out of it for three people 🙂

  103. Suzie says:

    I made this using leftover Cajun Chicken Alfredo…oh my GOODNESS!!!! We are not buffalo fans Cajun is as hot as we take it. (and I gag at blue cheese) sure you all needed to hear that. but this works and I love it!

  104. Ashley says:

    We use pillsbury biscuits rolled out instead of pizza dough to make “personal” sized sandwiches (we also call them stromboli down here in GA). I have tried it with hamburger, cheese, bacon, onion, and a ketchup/mustard mixture for a cheesburger one, and we have done eggs, sausage, and cheese for a breakfast one. Trying the buffalo chicken one tonight…sounds yummy!

  105. Becca says:

    We made this tonight…my husband doesn’t usually say much and he keeps talking about it! Someone asked how to make smaller portions, we have Rhodes frozen rolls that I make pizza rolls with…you could totally use this recipe with those! Mine fell apart with the big roll, but it was still fantastic! Thank you!

  106. Amber wise says:

    This was amazing! My husband took one bite and said it was the best dish made in our kitchen!! Hahha 🙂

  107. Pingback: Thoughts On My Week « Picky and Healthy

  108. Shonda S says:

    I am making this for dinner tonight! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. My husband & I love buffalo style dishes, so we are excited about this one. My fave part so far is how SUPER EASY & FAST this was to make….

  109. Beth says:

    So… if I wanted to take this to a family reunion, thinking it would be easy to eat etc. thoughts on doubling recipe & how many will it serve?

  110. dskrzycki says:

    This is going to be perfect come tailgate season!

  111. tootie says:

    My boyfriend loves buffalo chicken!! Can’t wait to try this 🙂

  112. Tried this and the first time I didnt buy enough pizza dough so I had to eat it with spoons but it was still so delicious. Second time around I added broccoli and subbed out the ranch dressing with jar alfredo and it was super fabulous!

  113. Karen Leoni says:

    I found and tried a recipe i found also on pinterest this week. It was a buffalo ranch chicken made in the crockpot. Very easy and very good. It made a lot, however, so froze half of it. Because it was made in the crockpot, it fell apart…shredded chicken. I will be using it as filling for this recipe. Can’t wait! Thanks for the great idea.

  114. Linda says:

    I made this tonight for a concert in the park and it was great !!

  115. Amy says:

    My family and I love this. I have made it 4 times now. I think I use too little dough tho cuz mine always rips. Would you be able to guess the weight on the dough you use?

  116. Paula says:

    I made this tonight, but using BBQ and ranch…..turned out great! Next time I’ll increase the BBQ by a little bit, since it’s not as strong a flavor as Buffalo sauce, it came out pretty mellow after mixed with ranch. I used the Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough in a tube…I also roll on the long side…..cooked up great!

  117. Claire says:

    Being from Buffalo, I LOVE anything like this! As soon as the weathe cools and I can use our oven again this will be in it! yum!

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  119. Keli says:

    It IS an upstate NY thing. Nobody I have ever met in my life since moving away knows what garbage bread is….it’s a shame, I love it! Can’t wait to try this one

  120. felicia says:

    Im making this now and Im curious if anyone else had the problem with it tearing when moving it to the pan.

    • Wendy says:

      Yes, it was difficult to transport to the baking sheet. I think the easiest thing would be to put the baking sheet upside down over the rolled dough thingie (can’t bring myself to call it garbage) and then flip them both over together. This should flip the roll onto the baking sheet without tearing, handling, etc. I hope mine comes out fully cooked; I am a little worried after these comments.
      PS I am calling mine a stromboli. I have heard friends call cookies “garbage” cookies or “dump” cookies or “dump” cake, but I just cannot accept calling something that is food, “garbage” anything or “dump” anything. It contains deliciousness! So the name has to, also. JMHO. 😛

    • Stacy says:

      My dough broke open when I attempted the transfer. I decided to do a Julia Child and patch it up with pieces of dough, and not tell anyone. “Whoooooo is going to know?” as Julia would say. 🙂 Next time I’ll make sure the dough is not so thin, and the surface below it is better dusted with flour or cornmeal.

  121. Hannah says:

    i just decided to make this tonight. It looks delish. thanks for the recipe

  122. becky says:

    Saw this on pinterest and made it tonight. Sooo good, but i shredded the chicken instead of cubing it and it couldnt have turned out better!

  123. Felia says:

    Looks extremely tasty but definitely not “ass friendly”! 😉

  124. Pam says:

    This makes my mouth water and I haven’t even tried it yet! Can’t Waite! Will probably do for supper tomorrow night!

  125. Kim says:

    I have made this twice and my family absolutely LOVES this!!!! Such an easy fast weeknight meal. Thank goodness for Fresh and Easy when I don’t have time to make pizza dough. Thanks for a great recipe!

  126. Lynn says:

    Made two versions for dinner last: buffalo for hubby and myself; BBQ for the kiddos. Both were awesome!!

  127. Jeni h. says:

    Mine are in the oven now. Not nearly a pretty as yours but it smells yummo! Any tips for spreading the pizza dough?

  128. Pingback: Buffalo Chicken Bread: A Recipe | Diary of a Mad Crafter

  129. Adriane Evans says:

    This bread is soo good! I made it for a bbq and it turned out great everybody was calling it spicy chicken cause I used franks hot sauce instead of the wing sauce. My 7 y/o niece was too funny she asked for the recipe like she can cook.

  130. Becky says:

    Think this would work with frozen bread dough vs pizza dough??

  131. Judy says:

    I’ve made stuffed “Spinach Bread” just like this with frozen french bread dough, Italian sausage, chopped spinach, shredded mozzarella cheese and grated Parmesan cheese. Take sausage out of casing and brown stirring into small pieces, drain well! (I like to cook sausage ahead so it can get cold first then run through food processor until sausage is separated into a finer consistency. This helps you to be able to spread over dough easier.) Cook chopped spinach in microwave in its box, remove the outer wrapper first. Cool spinach and squeeze out most of the water. Add 1/2 beaten egg to spinach, reserve other 1/2 to brush over dough after rolling into a loaf. Flour surface and roll out dough into a rectangular shape. Start layering spinach, Italian sausage, then both cheeses. Roll bread trying to keep everything in its place as much as possible. Seal all ends tightly tucked underneath bread roll. Brush top of dough with beaten egg then score dough. Place in warm place to rise (30 mins.). Bake on 375 degrees Until golden brown (25-30 mins.). Enjoy while still warn. I’ve frozen it also after baking, too. Let it cool before you wrap and freeze it!

  132. crystal D says:

    I’m making this tonight for the first time! I hope it turns out good! Yours looks super yummy!

  133. Michelle says:

    You can totally do this with a vegetarian “chicken” substitute, which is what I am going to do. I love me some Franks, but it’s not just for chicken! This is a great idea– sounds delicious!

  134. Hannah says:

    I used Kroger brand Pizza Crust-Traditional Style Mix. It comes in a bag and you mix it yourself with water and oil. It turned out way too small I think. I had a very hard time squeezing the ingredients in when I was rolling it. I know they’re going to ooze out everywhere (it’s in the oven right now). Tell me the name of the brand you recommend so I won’t make the same mistake. Thanks!

  135. jamie says:

    Plan on making this for a party this weekend, but will have a 45 minute car ride. How should I reheat when I get to host’s house? Any suggestions on keeping it warm?

  136. Gena says:

    I had made this several times now and change the contents and it is a HIT! Today I have leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip and thought, hey how would that taste inside this? It is amazing. So many possibilities…you rock!

  137. Jack Poppin says:

    I made this and it was a disaster. The cooking temperature is all wrong. I should have known from experience that 425F was way too high. Browning begins to occur when baking at 350F. After doing a bit of research on other strombolis (garbage bread, whatever), it seems the general consensus is 35-45 mins at 375F.

    Otherwise this recipe is great and I will certainly try it again. Next time, however, I will be cooking it at 375F for 35-45 mins or until browned on the outside and bubbly.

  138. Sallie says:

    I just found this! Love your site, and I’m all about unfriendly-ass cooking! Me and my deep fryer have a serious relationship going on! (I know my grammer isn’t right for those of you correcting me in your head, but I also just used the term ‘unfriendly-ass cooking’) Somebody else commented on Stromboli, which I make and fill with all KINDS of stuff, so we’ll try this garbage bread method!

  139. redheadbaker says:

    I am in that “special” group too. For my 27th birthday when friends asked what I wanted I told them a double boiler, spring form pan, or trifle bowl for my baking. Thankfully they like being my guinea pigs and just shake their head and smile 🙂
    Great recipe, we love it!

  140. Can’t wait to try this when i get home from vacation it looks amazing. Have you made any other variations ?

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  142. Pam says:

    I subbed Philly steak and cheese for the Buffalo chicken. It was great. I rolled it out on parchment paper, the transferred the whole kit-n-kaboodle to the baking sheet. Easy, quick and hubby-friendly. Will do the Buffalo chicken for the kids.Thanks!

  143. Pingback: Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread « pinningandme

  144. Tammy says:

    My daughter and I love Buffalo chicken dip as well; however, we both stopped eating meat nearly a year ago. We recently made Buffalo “Chik’n” dip using Quorn Chick’n chicken replacement. It was WONDERFUL. There was no difference in taste. This recipe sounds good tool. We will be making it with the Quorn Chick’n substitute. Thanks,

  145. Regina says:

    making it for happy hour tonight!

  146. Nancy says:

    I make pizza dough in my bread machine on the dough setting,super easy & takes 90 mins.Most bread machines have a recipe book with a pizza dough recipe, but I use 1&1/3 cup warm water,2 tbs. olive oil,3 cups bread flour, 1 tbs. sugar, 1 tsp. salt & 1 envelope of Fleishman’s yeast, that’s it. can’t wait to try the buffalo chicken garbage bread recipe, I think my husband& the boys will love it!

  147. Sam G says:

    Made this last night and it was fantastic. I used some pre-packaged pre-cooked chicken which worked well. I also cooked it at 375 for 30-35 minutes. My husband commented that it was cooked perfectly, bread was not doughy at all. Thanks for a great recipe, we’ll be making this again.

  148. Nina says:

    Had never heard of Garbage Bread or Frank’s – but can’t wait to try this. After returning from the store I realize I bought Frank’s RedHot Original and not the “Wings” version. Should I go to the trouble to exchange or are they pretty much the same?

  149. Cath says:

    Made this for my son and I for lunch yesterday when he came in for a visit. Wow, was it great! I rolled it lengthwise as well. Next time we are going to try slivered pieces of steak with grilled green peppers, mushrooms and onions. Too good! thank you

  150. Ellie says:

    I am definitely going to try this! It would be good with chicken, red onions, cilantro, gouda and bbq sauce too 🙂

  151. Sallie says:

    Made something the other night with this technique, but different ingredients, and it was a true garbage roll, because I used the leftover taco meat and some pork sausage I had, with 3 different cheeses, and the last bit of garlic alfredo out of the fridge! AWESOME! (I think I just like garbage roll better than my mother-in-law’s titled Stromboli)

  152. Thank you! This recipe was a hit…perfect for tailgating. I posted it today on Gameday Style..


  153. Heather says:

    Just made this dish it was really good. I would bake it at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes and I added butter and franks on top after it was done and I also used canned chicken just was easyer

  154. Emily says:

    I have madw this before and love it!? I was wanting to make this the night before and then put it in the fridge the next night….do you think it will hold up?? Any suggestions?

  155. Kathy says:

    That looks amazing! I am definitely going to make me some of this!! thanks for sharing it! : )

  156. Eileen says:

    We made this today! I made the pizza dough (Bobby Flay’s pizza dough recipe) in my bread machine. Since it was so hot today (102°) we baked this in our BBQ grill! It took about 25 minutes to bake. We flipped it over half way though. My husband used extra Frank’s sauce as a dipping sauce. We’d like to try adding crumbled bacon and a little onion in the mix next time. This was fun to try!!

  157. jodie says:

    I have used a frozen bread loaf. Just spray a bowl with Pam, place frozen bread in, loosely cover with plastic wrap and let rise. Works great!

  158. Dianna says:

    This is on tap for dinner tonight. I am planning on using Trader Joes fresh pizza dough at $1.19 (sans tax). I can’t rave about their garlic and herb pizza dough for anyone out there planning on new variations of this recipe. Hopefully there is a TJs near you!

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  160. Michelle says:

    I made this and we loved it and my husband is a hard sell on new dishes also very easy to make

  161. Kristi says:

    I used some leftover turkey add some pesto, fresh spinach cheddar cheese and green onions, i used trader joes garlic and herb fresh pizza dough. It was easy peasy thank you for sharing. Im going to have fun changing this one up 🙂

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  163. Danielle says:

    I am also from upstate ny.. however I’ve never heard of a “garbage bread”. I grew up with my dad making sausage roll which is exactly what you made except obviously with sausage and cheese. I love buffalo chicken so this is a must try!

  164. ana says:

    Made this tonight for a Pinterest Potluck and everyone loved it! Thanks.

  165. Shari says:

    I used Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough and grilled, cubed chicken since I was grilling a big batch to have at the house anyway. Baked it at 375 for 30 min and it was perfect! I know sour cream doesn’t really go with buffalo chicken but it was good for subduing a little of the heat and 1/2 of the group I baked for opted for sour cream and the other 1/2 no accompaniment. Soooo yummy! THANKS for the recipe :o)

  166. Heather says:

    I absolutely love this!! I am so happy someone pinned this and it showed up on my feed. My fiancee loves anything covered in buffalo sauce and even the picky eater he is he loved it too!!! Trying it tonight with shredded chicken marinated in the buffalo sauce, should be yummy 🙂 Thanks again for the awsome recipe!!

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  169. Jenny D says:

    Hi! I just popped this in the oven, and I had to let you know how SUPER excited I am to eat it in 20 minutes!! 🙂 thanks for sharing – yay!

  170. Jamie Garza says:

    I’m going to try it tonight and use rotisserie chicken and just coat it. So it’s like shredded chicken instead of cubes

  171. lizzy says:

    Thanks for the idea–very yummy! I added steamed chopped carrots and celery to mine, did chunks of blue cheese, skipped the dressing, and just tossed my chicken in the sauce…maybe a little more “ass friendly”?

  172. Duane Ellis says:

    I’m very new to this site but this recipes sounds yummy! Goodluck with the last of your school…..I hope I’m doing this correct!

  173. Deja says:

    I just made this and it was delicious! I added bacon and red pepper flakes, cooked at 400 degrees for at least 35 minutes (wrapped in foil for the first 20 minutes). Thanks for sharing the recipe! My boyfriend and I approve!

  174. Jaki Dixon says:

    I was soo excited to see someone else use the term ‘Garbage Bread’! Born and raised in upstate NY and now living in NC I was beginning to think it was a term my mom made up. Kinda like that it’s a NY term. And I’ve never made the Buff Chicken kind. We are BIG buff chicken lovers in my house so I can’t Waite to try this. Thanks!

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  176. Shannon says:

    I made this for friends a while ago and they love, love, loved it! Thanks for the great post!

  177. Amber Scott says:

    YUM. i usually make a buffalo chicken dip for parties, but i think next time i am going to try this. Look Delicious!

  178. jR says:

    I make lots of variations of this. When the outside looks brown and done (I spray a little Pam on top) put foil over top and cook it about 20 minutes more. Cooks the inside longer without burning the outside

  179. Rheagan says:

    I saw a comment saying that it would be easier to cook rolling it the longer way, has anyone done this yet without the dough still not being done?
    Sounds delicous though!

  180. Michelle says:

    Yay for upstate NY! Rochester here. Def trying this recipe for dinner n can’t wait. Buffalo chicken is my weakness. I found u on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!!

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  182. kalee says:

    I just made this tonight. And I shredded my chicken and it seemed to go alot farther. And I also used pillsberry ( I know I spelt that wrong) buttermilk biscuits and I think it gave more flavor. I think this is going to be a favorite in our house

  183. Lesa says:

    I made today and I used Italian bread in Can, I un rolled put all of the ingredients in added blue cheese crumbles with the ranch dressing. When I took it out of the oven I coated the bred with butter! Wow my man loved it! Just found new football food for him! So easy to do. I also used can chicken breast that I had in the pantry.

  184. Wendy says:

    I grew up in Rochester, home of Nick Tahou’s Garbage Plate, so I am assuming the Garbage Bread title follows that line 🙂 Can’t wait to try this one! And I’m fairly certain I recognize the dough in a bag to be from Wegman’s? If you haven’t been in a Wegman’s, you won’t understand how you can “miss” a grocery store. They haven’t expanded out to WI yet. I’m going to hunt down a substitute though. Thanks for the ideas.

  185. Coll Lloyd says:

    I love Garbage bread!!!! And being an upstate NYer myself I love that somebody knows what I am talking about. We used to eat garbage bread for dinner as kids—we made Italian sausage and pepperoni ones.
    Cant wait to have this one—THANKS!!!!

  186. This was my cheat this week. ..had company over…everyone LOVED it! Thanks for sharing!

  187. Netters8178 says:

    Yum-E! Thank you for sharing. I’ve layered pepperoni, salami, ham, and various cheeses and made Stromboli for years. This looks yummy and a great new twist. I usually spray the top of the dough with a “Pam” style spray, and sprinkle with Parmesan, when making Stromboli. Parchment paper helps too, for those having maneuver problems. Thanks!

  188. Netters8178 says:

    Great recipes and ideas. Thank you!

  189. cindy says:

    Made this tonight just as you wrote (made my pizza dough, though) and it turned out wonderful. 4 adults and 3 kids (ages 7, 4 & 2) all enjoyed it!!! Thanks for the recipe and a new yummy dinner.

  190. kmart18 says:

    do you think this would work with barbecue sauce? I’m not a big fan of buffalo or anything spicy

  191. For cooks on the go, use canned pizza crust and rotisserie chicken. The canned pizza crust comes in the canned biscuit aisle. So much faster and easier!!!

  192. Jill says:

    So you have this Buffalo chicken garbage recipe, I cannot wait to try it, but what I am really writing about is your title of ‘garbage bread’. My mom has some garbage bread recipes but I would love to know where you got the name, perhaps the name comes from a geographical location. I now live far from my folks and no one has ever heard of said ‘garbage bread”, (calzone type of food).

  193. thevixter says:

    I just put mine in the oven, i am cooking it in the Pampered Chef round covered baker, uncovered, looking forward to trying it!! i love me some buffalo chicken! 😀

  194. Whitney says:

    I just made this using Great Value brand pizza crust dough in the can found in the biscuit/crescent roll section of Walmart. I did what one reviewer said and just folded the dough over the chicken and cheese one time and pinched the edges to seal. I was worried about raw dough in the middle so I didn’t roll it. It turned out great! Like a stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy’s only buffalo chicken deliciousness!

  195. jenia says:

    This was an epic fail the pizza dough ripped and it all fell apart…and me being impatient person gave up after trying to fix it 8 times….

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  197. Tiffany says:

    Just made this. Came out great!

  198. Pingback: Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread « My Trials and Errors

  199. Beth says:

    Love this recipe, and you 🙂 I have changed one thing, I use ground chicken instead of breasts. I brown the ground chicken and after it cools a little I put the cream cheese and Frank’s right into the pan to combine. It makes for easier rolling (for me) and a more consistent chicken flavor 🙂 We dip into Ranch or Blue Cheese, perfect! I actually add a little more Frank’s into my blue cheese cause I like more spice than my husband and our 11 year old. This recipe makes everyone happy! Thanks for sharing! This Californis girl had never heard of garbage bread 😦

  200. Pingback: » Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread - Mommy Kid Time

  201. Robin says:

    Thanks for the idea, can’t wait to try it… but still can;t get over the name. the concept of garbage bread is really a clazone on Long Island…..

  202. Lexie says:

    Ill be adding this as a “do try”pin on my pinterest blog!!!

  203. Making this tonight for my husband and our friend! Using Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough.. couldn’t find the frozen stuff.. or the red hot’s so were using Hooter’s sauce. (Damn Commissary!) but I’m sure it will be great either way. Thanks for the recipe! (:

  204. Dana says:

    Looks delish but how the heck is it served and eaten????! Thanks!

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  206. tammi dawson says:

    I’ve never made GB, but have employed the right people to ascertain the ingredients necessary to make said GB. I have high hopes for an excellent GB.
    Thank you in high hope advance,

  207. Kerrin says:

    Anyone know a rough calorie count and serving size? Thanks!

    • jennnielynn says:

      Go to sparkpeople.com and enter the recipe into their recipe counter. This probably makes 4 generous servings, and with the ingredients and serving size, you’ll get a fairly accurate calorie count.

  208. Sarah says:

    Love this recipe!! What brand of dough do you use though? The only one I could find was the pillsbury in the can, and I got it in the fridge at the store, brought it home cooked the chicken and unrolled the dough. I found it was super super sticky and tore easily, but yours looks so nice! Any tips??

  209. Christopher says:

    I found this recipe while looking for something new to try and I must say it turned out great. Good job and thank you for sharing this!

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  211. Holly says:

    Okay, so my dough was an epic fail as well. I decided to turn this into a pasta dinner. I added penne and the rest without the dough! Yum,!

  212. Kimmie says:

    I had to read your post, just because you said garbage bread!!, we make different kinds. Everyone Here in NC raves. It’s something we brought here from Albany

  213. I’m excited to uncover this web site. I need to to thank you for ones time just for this wonderful read!! I definitely savored every bit of it and I have you bookmarked to look at new things on your website.

  214. MAri says:

    are lizza dogs and pizza bread the same?

  215. jhpippi says:

    It turned out great! I put it in at 400 degrees, ended up cooking a little longer than it was supposed to (thanks to husband not listening for timer), but it was delicious and a hit at the Super Bowl Party! Go Ravens! 🙂 I also substituted yogurt Blue Cheese dressing, %2 milk cheddar cheese, and used wheat with flax homemade pizza crust.

  216. Amanda says:

    Just made this last night and it was awesome! I was afraid it would be too spicy but it was just right. Couldn’t find Frank’s wing sauce but found some that worked. I used refrigerated pizza dough and it tried to fall apart but it all came out really good and my hubby just loved it!

  217. Lynn C says:

    This was a huge hit with my daughters grad school friends. She invited them to mom’s house for a home cooked meal.

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  219. Wendy says:

    DELICIOUS!!! I rolled mine the opposite way and it baked perfectly. I also did one with BBQ pork in it. The two of them fed 5 adults with leftovers. Definitely making again!

  220. jamespk4 says:

    I am amazed on how many replies are here. I guess I can talk alot about garbage bread too. Nice to Mastrionni bread, its one of my favorites. My wife and I are making gbread tonight. Mine will have slices of refridgerated boneless buffalo wings and meatballs. Kate’s most likley will be veggie.

  221. Sue says:

    I am definitely going to try this. I’ve made this with different fillings and called it a calzone, I bought a bread machine at Good Will and it makes great pizza dough,

  222. Katie B says:

    Mine is in the oven now! I did crockpot buffalo chicken instead. Put the chicken breast, sauce, ranch dry seasoning and a little butter all in the crockpot. I followed the rest of the directions and slit little slices in the top to help with even cooking. I can wait to try it!

  223. Linda says:

    Delish….made this for my son when he came home for break from college….big hit! Will make again and again!

  224. Sandie says:

    I make a chicken braid It is a pampered chef recipe It is made with crescents I must make it with buffalo chicken next time

  225. jennnielynn says:

    After getting a couple of buffalo ranch chicken breasts at a crockpot swap, I was wondering what to do with them, since they’d never stretch to feed my family of 5. This is absolutely perfect. I cooked the chicken in my crockpot, made a batch of white bread dough in my bread machine and put together one of these babies, plus a ham and cheese for the wimps. SO GOOD! This is definitely going into the regular rotation!!!

  226. Tia Waden says:


  227. Pingback: Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread Just made this for supper. Ah.May.Zing!!!! just the right amount of hot. 2 boneless chicken breasts 1 tsp. olive oil 1 pizza dough (I used store bought and let it sit out for about 20 minutes) 8 oz. of shredded mozzarella che

  228. cheryl says:

    when I make it I don’t roll it….just fold it over like a Stromboli is….eliminates the doughy center

  229. Bridget says:

    Made this for supper last nite. Amazing!! So delicious. Will be making this often!!

  230. Jane D. says:

    I’m a Mommy-sub for my twin niece and nephew while my sister is out of town for a week and I had no idea what I could make that the 5 year olds would like. Thank God for hot sauce! They like Sriracha but I’m going to opt for Franks or Crystal. I can’t wait to make this, AND it’s a perfect dinner to have them help with. What kid doesn’t like rolling food up?! I’m really excited about this recipe. Than you so much for posting!

  231. Vicky says:

    I just finished making this recipe, it turned out amazing….i set the oven temp for 400 and left it in about 26 min on center rack…YUM

  232. Vicky says:

    next time I’m going to make one using pesto,chicken and asiago cheese along with mozz

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  234. Lace says:

    We love this, thanks for the recipe!

  235. Karen says:

    I am thinking a rotisserie chicken would work great with this recipe! Debone and no need to saute.

  236. Pingback: Pinterest Recipes | Confessions of a Listmaker

  237. Krixee says:

    I made this last night for our movie night crowd – it went over really well! I didn’t end up putting all of the ranch/wing sauce mix inside the bread. I reserved about half of it and people used it for dipping. Tasty!
    p.s. I used someone’s recommendation and rolled it to get a long bread rather than a really short thick one; that worked well for getting more servings out of it. We fed about 6 people with it, although we had a number of sides.
    p.p.s. I also used someone’s recommendation and threw some foil over it after it was starting to brown – I think that helped too.
    Thanks for a great recipe!

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  239. Jessica says:

    I know a lot of people have commented on the undercooked middle. When I make it, I still use the 425 degree temp, but I cover it with a foil “tent” before I put it in the oven (very loose, shaped so it stays up off the bread). I think covering it helps the dough rise more in the oven. I let it go 25 minutes covered with the foil, then take the foil off and bake it another 10 minutes uncovered. It’s always perfectly browned and cooked all the way through.

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